can see what that toerag adrian chiles gets paid so much!
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2017-09-12 11:59:10 UTC
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can see what that toerag adrian chiles gets paid so much!

just now on radio 5, some woman saying how government shafted the small
shareholder in Northern Rock, and adrian chiles was all like "but wasn't
it your fault for having shares in the first place" and "didnt you get
the shares for free in the demutualisation anyway"

kikemason bankster commie shitstem delphi-technique co-ordinator is what
adrian chiles surely is....
2017-09-12 12:07:50 UTC
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Post by CheeseySock
I see google no longer has links to the core of delphi, the control of
opinion groups and public enquiries as a fundamental of the delphi
method... been glossed right up!

well, no links till right near the end of the page eh!

'experts' eh! Infinite votes for an expert, and one vote for you if you
can run the gauntlet of being shot up by the assigned 'expert' to your
group making a mockery of your opinion eh!


The Delphi Technique: Let’s Stop Being Manipulated!

(it is precisely the method they are using with the global warming scam,
"ALL THE EXPERTS AGREE" type psy.co. war-hammers...)