WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: California. Sh*thole.
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2018-04-09 02:59:45 UTC
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Remember the famous (but sad) saying, "If you repeat a lie often enough, it
becomes truth." Well I have the number one lie in America for you-
"Diversity makes us stronger. Immigration makes us more prosperous."

Sorry, but not always.

California is Exhibit A. It's filled with immigrants. Ten million to be
exact. Many of them illegal. Guess which state has the highest poverty rate
in the country? Not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia, but
California- where nearly one out of five residents is poor. That's according
to the Census Bureau.

While California accounts for 12% of America's population, it accounts for
one third of America's welfare checks. California leads the country in food
stamp use. California has more people on welfare than most countries around
the world.

But I thought immigration made us more prosperous?

Homelessness is exploding in California- with tent encampments overrunning
schools, businesses and upscale neighborhoods. California is now home to 22%
of this nation's homeless population.

California leads the nation in debt. Total state and local debt is almost
$1.5 trillion. Combining state debt with California's share of federal debt
produces a debt to GDP ratio of 153%- higher than the PIGS of the EU
(Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain), which are all facing economic collapse
and ruin.

The traffic is suffocating, miserable and unlivable. The highways and
infrastructure are crumbling. The public schools are an unmitigated disaster
(and that's with the highest per pupil spending in America).

If immigration is so great for our country and illegal aliens "contribute a
net positive" to society.how do you explain what's happening in California?

I haven't even gotten to the taxes. The income taxes, business taxes, sales
taxes and gas taxes are all the highest in the nation. Why do you think that
is? To pay the enormous costs of illegal immigration. To pay for the
education costs, healthcare costs, police, courts, lawyers, prisons, and
hundreds of different welfare programs for millions of California's illegal
aliens and struggling legal immigrants too.

But you haven't heard the worst yet. California- the immigrant capital of
America- is filthy. Perhaps the filthiest place on earth. Filthier than the
slums of Calcutta. Filthier than the poorest slums of Brazil and Africa.

NBC journalists recently conducted a survey of San Francisco. They found
piles of smelly garbage on the streets, used needles, gallons of urine and
piles of feces- all near famous tourist attractions, fancy hotels,
government buildings and children's playgrounds.

Medical experts say the used drug needles they found can infect anyone who
steps on them with HIV or Hepatitis. NBC News filmed hypodermic needles
scattered on the ground as a group of preschool students walked by on their
field trip to city hall.

The hundreds of piles of feces they found can also prove deadly. Medical
experts report as the fecal matter dries the germs become airborne and if
inhaled by children, they can lead to death.

Infectious disease expert and UC Berkeley professor Dr. Lee Riley told NBC
journalists the streets of San Francisco are worse than any of the world's
most notorious slums. "The contamination.is much greater than communities in
Brazil or Kenya or India."

I guess diversity isn't always so grand. I guess illegal immigration isn't
always the strength of America. Clearly, immigration- in the wrong form-
does not lead to prosperity. California has become unlivable. The middle
class are fleeing in record numbers- many of them to Las Vegas.

California is no longer the American Dream. For native born Americans, it is
the American Nightmare. A cautionary tale of what happens when you combine
open borders; a pathetic welfare state; and radical liberal politicians who
see taxpayers as targets to be fleeced and illegal aliens as their core

44% of Californians don't speak English at home. It is a foreign state
inside America. Soon expect to see employment ads that say, "Americans not

California is following "the Mexican model" - ie a population with a tiny
sliver of super rich elites at the top.and everyone else is dirt poor. Just
like Mexico, the middle class is becoming extinct in California. This is the
express train to hell.

Thanks to illegal immigration (which is always a net negative).thanks to the
joys of diversity (which doesn't always work).thanks to liberal politicians
and voters.

California is quite simply a sh*thole.

Cvrsta ruka i postenje
Sveta voda i krstenje
Budi covjek to je dika
Budi roda svoga slika

Nedaj na se, nedaj svoje
Nemoj tude, prokleto je
Jer ko zivot tako prode
Ponosan pred Boga dode

Gdje god da te zivot nosi
Uvijek moras znati tko si, hej

Geni, geni kameni
Vatra gori u meni
Geni, geni kameni
Takvi smo mi rodeni
Rudy Canoza
2018-04-09 04:16:04 UTC
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Post by DoD
Remember the famous (but sad) saying, "If you repeat a lie often enough,
it becomes truth." Well I have the number one lie in America for you-
"Diversity makes us stronger. Immigration makes us more prosperous."
Sorry, but not always.
"Diversity" /per se/ *never* makes us stronger. It is always a burden
to be overcome or mitigated. Diversity creates social friction,
diminished civic participation, distrust, a "turtle" mentality.
Diversity is bad. Norway, Japan, South Korea, China and Switzerland are
all very successful countries, and they all *lack* diversity.

Immigration might make us more prosperous, but only if the right
immigrants come, *and* only if they ditch their alien culture and
embrace American values.