He's aiming for a SPAM record: about 30(!) more from sick old nazoid paedo Andrew "Andrzej" Baron
(too old to reply)
2020-05-30 16:05:29 UTC
Only ONE spammer here: Andrew "Andrzej" Baron
aka "Barry", "Berry", "Zachary", "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells",
"NEMO", "Bozena", "Professeur de merde", "Greekbassturdder",
"KKKernal Corn", "Shitsack moishe", "Yoti Blum", "Zhukov",
etc. etc. etc.

While posting for more than 20 years now, Andrzej's massive
SPAM campaign began about 16 years ago, under his most
"famous" alias, "The Revd Terence Fformby-Smythe". He
often posted a 100 articles per day to uk.local.london
and other forums.

His MO is simple: he spams a few newsgroups, most of them
totally unrelated, with racist, profanity-laced, and utterly
moronic articles -- and he does it for many hours a day, for
many years. In addition, he's posting from at least three
service providers (he was kicked from a few other ones, in
the past).

Andrzej hates basically everyone: Poles, Jews, Brits, Blacks,
Orientals, women, the Catholic Church, children...

Sadly, we're dealing here with a truly sick, depraved individual.

Cordially, Q.
jew paedophile VERMIN Barry Z. Shein's preferred jew aliash Ron Jacobson (RJ11)
2020-05-30 17:22:28 UTC
On Sat, 30 May 2020 16:05:29 +0000 (UTC), NoSpamAtAll aka jew piece of
shite paedophile SHCUM Barry Z. Shein <***@shell02.TheWorld.com> hob

<fluhs jew shmut/shpam/lies/shite EXCRETED from STD.COM>

No Shpam at all, jew paedophile SHCUM Barry Z. Shein?

Shpam not???

You EXCRETE nothing BUTT jew SHPAM from your jew hovel at 700
Washington St B'righton Mass (jew ARCHDIOCESHE of B'righton and

jew in gas chamber: "I CAN'T BREATHE!!"
That's the whole fucking POINT, jewboi!

The Peeler
2020-05-30 18:24:26 UTC
On Sat, 30 May 2020 10:22:28 -0700, clinically insane, pedophilic, serbian
bitch Razovic, the resident psychopath of sci and scj and Usenet's famous
Post by jew paedophile VERMIN Barry Z. Shein's preferred jew aliash Ron Jacobson (RJ11)
<fluhs jew shmut/shpam/lies/shite EXCRETED from STD.COM>
Fluhsing [sic] your OWN shit finally, "***@shell02.TheWor1d.com", you
clinically insane, endlessly nym-shifting dreckserb? Why did it take you
THAT long to become house-trained? Was it because of your KNOWN love of
shit in all its forms, pedophilic gay bastard?
Pedophilic dreckserb Razovic answering a question whether there
is any "meaningful" debate to lower the age of consent:
"If there isn't, there should be."
MID: <ZAMUE.174724$***@usenetxs.com>