Gun regulation does not stop people from killing each other.
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The Constituionalist
2019-08-08 15:23:56 UTC
In addition to gun laws not working, the fact that murders still happen means
murder laws don't work, so why doesn't Trump just stop this stupid nonsense,
get the government out of our lives and repeal the useless, ineffective
murder laws! There is no "Thou shall not kill" in the Constitution or the
BOR. Once we're rid of those stupid lame duck laws nobody will bother us
about our massive gun homocide rates any more.
2019-08-08 15:28:58 UTC
States with strict gun laws have fewer
firearms deaths.
Yeah, but in states where you can just walk up and buy a weapon at the cash,
you can buy one, load it and start shooting without the wait.

It's the southern way.