The Collapse Of The President's Defense
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Matt Gaetz for Prison Bitch tRUMP
2019-10-26 22:06:10 UTC
All of your info about Donald Trump is coming from the corrupt mainstream
Fox News, Breitbart, DailyCaller and Gateway Pundit have abandoned Trump and
have reached a consensus that he must be impeached. No fringe rightist media
exists that don't want to see Trump burned at the stake as a Witch.

Even that cocksucking effeminate queer Putin's Russia Today says the time has
arrived for Trump to be locked up and start his final chapter as a PRISON


Supporting Trump Is Treason

"The penalty for Treason is Death"
- Donald Trump, 9-22-2019
2019-11-10 17:30:38 UTC
| The Collapse of the President's Defense
| President Trump's substantive defense against the ongoing
| impeachment inquiry has crumbled entirely--not just eroded
| or weakened, but been flattened like a sandcastle hit with
| a large wave.
| ...
Hence his distraction about identifying the whistleblower instead of
defending the indefensable.