Not Enough Healthcare! Can't Cope! American Flu Season Overwhelming Hospitals - US For Profit Healthcare Fails Again
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2018-01-12 19:35:26 UTC
Flu Season Overwhelming Hospitals

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Flu Season Overwhelming Hospitals

11 January 2018 • 3:14pm

Flu levels are soaring with one in five cases in hospital suffering from
the deadly strain dubbed "Aussie flu", official figures show.

The statistics from Public Health England (PHE) show that across the
country, rates of flu have close to doubled in one week, with a 51 per
cent rise in cases hospitalised.

The reports show almost 2,000 patients hospitalised with confirmed flu
so far this season - with more than a fifth infected with the deadly
strain A(H3N2) - dubbed “Aussie flu” after it fuelled the country’s
worst flu season for two decades.

The total death toll is now 85, up from 48 in previous reports this season.

Health officials have urged NHS staff to take up flu vaccinations, with
the country's chief medical officer today backing calls to make it
mandatory for frontline staff to have the jabs.

Prof Dame Sally Davies pleaded with doctors and nurses to have the jab
for the sake of their patients, with less than one third of healthcare
staff vaccinated in some hospitals.

“Healthcare workers owe a duty to protect their patients – go and get
vaccinated,” she said.

Pensioners, adults with chronic health problems like diabetes and
asthma, pregnant women and children under the age of nine are all
eligible for free NHS vaccination.

While 71 per cent of pensioners have been vaccinated, just 46 per cent
of pregnant women and 47 per cent adults in clinical risk groups have
had the jab, along with less than 50 per cent of children, the latest
statistics show.

The new figures show rates of GP consultations about flu have gone from
21 per 100,000 people to 37.3 per 100,000 people in one week - a rise of
78 per cent.

The Royal College of GPs said the figures meant almost 22,000 patients
had visited GPs with signs of flu in the first week of January - a rise
of 9,499 patients since the last week of December.

Separate statistics suggest at least 4.5 million people in England are
suffering from flu.