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2019-11-05 22:32:59 UTC
<nomic> murica
<nomic> trump is an incontinent moron
<gloops> so, the immigrant who started the fire, packed a bag and left,
without raising the alarm
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<gloops> shouldnt he be chared with manslaughter?
<nomic> 'immigrant' ... not a fking purebred white right .. many
<gloops> charged
<gloops> he was a fucking immigrant
<nomic> gloops you have nothing to say, as always
<nomic> gtfo.
<gloops> yes i do, whats your opinion on his behaviour?
<Nelluk> gloops are you going to enjoy your final day on IRC
<gloops> sets a tower block alight, leaves
<gloops> Nelluk i dont know when my final day on irc will be
<Nelluk> i thought you said today was your last try at irc
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<gloops> yes...ill consider things when i log out today
<gloops> i may delete irc forever
<Nelluk> what factors are at play
<gloops> well, ive been utterrly dismayed and depressed by the quality of
chat in here
<nomic> i notice you have stopped with the 'get a job' shit, now that
someone here exposed your status as a 'kept husband', gloops
<gloops> to the point where im seriously questioning the effects it could
be having on agile minds like my own
<nomic> you do nothing. what do you do? read the express all day?
<Nelluk> https://twitter.com/NBCPolitics/status/1191796639507374080
<TinaS`> Title: NBC Politics auf Twitter: "BREAKING: In new 4-page sworn
statement, Amb. Sondland says he now remembers telling a top Zelenskiy
aide that Ukraine wouldn’t get its military assistance until it committed
to investigations, according to a person with knowledge of his testimony.
https://t.co/dXflQVN8xL" (at twitter.com)
<gloops> even that would be more than youve done nomic
<nomic> rite
<nomic> u fking piec of shit.. u r 'sales' .. if that
<nomic> if you ever done anything
<gloops> thats just how your seedy twisted little mind works nomic
<nomic> thats the level of this govt. with cummings et al
<nomic> 'sales
<nomic> pr, deception
<nomic> day to day
<gloops> you only see the worst in people
<nomic> wtf not.. i only get the worst
<gloops> thats why nobody likes you
<nomic> np.
<nomic> i don't like anyone else
<mrlamont> ok cool
<mrlamont> trump impeached yet?
<gloops> 'a pessimist is someone who thinks everyone else is as bad as he
is, and hates them for it' GBS
<nomic> lmnt.. u voted for trump, now you want him impeached. please make
up your mind.
<Nelluk> lol
<Nelluk> what do you think lamont voted for trump
<nomic> i ws trying to wind him up
<nomic> im pretty sure that lmnt did not vote for trump
<nomic> k
<nomic> ok
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<mrlamont> what
<nomic> nelluk was in japan recently -- tell us all a bit about japan
<nomic> something about japan
<Nelluk> no nomic you ruined my mood
<nomic> stfu lmnt
<mrlamont> dont talk to him
<gloops> the nomic effect
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<Nelluk> wbbbb
<mrlamont> pal
<Highball> wb pals
<nomic> 'pal'
<Highball> z.z.
<mrlamont> pally boy
<RandomCouch> Hey shut up you
<nomic> The biggest bank in Europe is in the process of imploding, and
there are persistent rumors that the final collapse could happen sooner
rather than later. Those that follow my work on a regular basis already
know that this is a story that I have been following for years. Deutsche
Bank is rapidly bleeding cash, they have been laying off thousands of
workers, and the vultures have been circling as company
<nomic> executives desperately try to implement a turnaround plan.
Unfortunately for Deutsche Bank, it may already be too late. And if
Deutsche Bank goes down, it will be even more catastrophic for the global
financial system than the collapse of Lehman Brothers was in 2008.
Germany is the glue that is holding the EU together, and so if the bank
that is right at the heart of Germany’s financial system collapses, th
<nomic> e dominoes will likely start falling very rapidly. https://
<TinaS`> Title: The Deutsche Bank Death Watch Has Taken A Very
Interesting Turn | Zero Hedge (at www.zerohedge.com)
<nomic> hey lmnt
<nomic> is zk dead?
<nomic> 'it may already be, too late'
<nomic> its haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapening
<RandomCouch> He died from old age
<mrlamont> who
<nomic> We know that Deutsche Bank has been losing money at a pace that
is absolutely staggering…
<nomic> Deutsche Bank reported a net loss that missed market expectations
on Wednesday as a major restructuring plan continues to weigh on the
German lender.
<nomic> It reported a net loss of 832 million euros ($924 million) for
the third quarter of 2019. Analysts were expecting a loss of 778 million
euros, according to data from Refinitiv. It had reported a net profit of
229 million euros in the third quarter of 2018, but a loss of 3.15
billion euros in the second quarter of this year.
<nomic> If you add the losses for the second and third quarter of 2019
together, you get a grand total of nearly 4 billion euros.
<nomic> How in the world is it possible to lose that much money in just 6
<nomic> OK
* nomic stops flooding
<nomic> worlds biggest bank is it?
<nomic> deutcshe
<nomic> was
<nomic> pretty fking huge
<nomic> the german bank
<nomic> they had like 2.5 T in bonds
<gloops> pffff
<nomic> insane fking money
<nomic> "When investors learned of Deutsche Bank’s third quarter results
last week, shares of the bank went down about 8 percent in a single day."
<nomic> "Overall, the stock price has lost over a quarter of its value
over the past year."
<nomic> dats germany dat.
<nomic> "Unless you enjoy financial pain, I have no idea why anyone would
want to be holding Deutsche Bank stock at this point. As I have
previously warned, it is eventually going to zero, and the only question
remaining is how quickly it will get there."
<nomic> popcorn
<Butterfly^> https://imgur.com/gallery/JbEAuhW
<TinaS`> Title: Interesting and concerning - Album on Imgur (at imgur.com)
<nomic> https://zh-prod-1cc738ca-7d3b-4a72-
* x0r2 waits for negative interest rates.
<Nelluk> dont count on it
<x0r2> lol
<x0r2> it is getting close.
<mrlamont> why did you type lol
<x0r2> for the less mentally gifted.
<mrlamont> what?
<Nelluk> yeah, what?
<x0r2> I cannot understand it for you.
<RandomCouch> Why did you type
* mrlamont and everyone just start beating the shit out of x0r2
* mrlamont holds x0r2 for Highball
<Nelluk> why does typing 'lol' have to do with 'for the less mentally
<mrlamont> * Highball F5's x0r2
* mrlamont hits the ropes
* mrlamont leg drops
* RandomCouch wants to enjoy the show but has more pressing matters
<mrlamont> no you dont
<RandomCouch> There's a dog in need of petting
<RandomCouch> right next to me
<mrlamont> no there isnt
<nomic> i think there are negative interest rates in europe
<nomic> now
<nomic> trump called the US economy "the greatest in history"
'greatest' .. a week ago
<nomic> this is after they pumping 1/4 trillion into repo market
<nomic> why is that required.
<nomic> ie 'printing it' (qe)
<nomic> which has resumed, hand over fist, faster than it was under obama
-- which was a 'temporary measure'
<nomic> trumps economy is booming .. he touts huge NASDAQ etc boosts..
direct consequence of the repo market injection
<nomic> nothing else
<nomic> this film is ok 'drive'
<Nelluk> love drive. 9/10 film
<nomic> its got electric youth soundtrack .. didn't know .. though it was
an 80s movie.. had it as an 80s movie 'drive' .. its sorta 'retro'
<nomic> miami vice etc
<RandomCouch> is nomic a unit of measure for how uselessly chatty one can
<nomic> electric youth = 'retrowave' 'synthwave' .. is on soundtrack of
'drive' (post 2010) .. electric youth = 80s fixation 'miami vice' etc
<nomic> thats lmnt
<mrlamont> hes a unit of measure for an ignore list
<nomic> wow.
<mrlamont> every ignore list should have at least ONE nomic on it
<RandomCouch> lol to the most mentally gifted
<nomic> yeah well. u gotta have 'persecuted' every society does..
everything is crap. gotta have ppl feeling good about themselves
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<nomic> watching it nelluk .. is it building up to be 'heat'
<nomic> m v early into it.. i watch movies slow, bit by bit
<nomic> i like cary mulligan enough .. no .. tbh.
<nomic> shes a bit boring
<nomic> really, she is boring
<nomic> she was boring in 'wall st II'
<nomic> she is fking boring
<nomic> shes the same in this .. shes fking boring
<nomic> why is she even there
<nomic> 'pretty' .. nothing else
<nomic> i havent' seen her act yet, once, in anything=
<nomic> she is like 'leonardo dicaprio' who was also 'pretty'
<nomic> of course, she is in everything, highly paid
<mrlamont> lol to the most mentally gifted
<x0r2> thats a real group/class
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<nomic> but the 'pretty' female actors are 10x worse .. carey mulligan is
<nomic> still waiting for her to give a reason for her to be in any film
<x0r2> money?
<x0r2> seeems basic.
<nomic> as in being a worthy player
<Nelluk> what bout Inside Llewyn Davis
<nomic> who = llewyn davis
<nomic> that was someone in japan nelluk? that interesting place you were
at, that you will tell us all about
<nomic> yes
<mrlamont> gross
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<MickDundillo> gross
<nomic> hey lmnt how u doing buddy hows good old usa today u having
fun? .. u mebbe watching cartoons
<nomic> felix the cat i know
<nomic> fking felix the cat cartoons xcellent
<nomic> i bet u been to disnelyland lmnt
<nomic> yeah
<nomic> fking disneyland
<nomic> wtg
<nomic> murica
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<nomic> lmnt .. u killed the fking chat, again
<nomic> <mrlamont> gross
<nomic> lways u lmnt, lways the fking same .. same old lmnt eh. depressive
<nomic> fk u lmnt
<nomic> ur channel is shit.
<nomic> same old same old
<nomic> tin box, drives to works, looks at boxes, in a box .. drives back
<nomic> beats the wife up. sleep, repeat
<JDredd> why not go to anther channel then ?
<nomic> who? why don't you go to another channel, lamont
<JDredd> well you were complaining
<nomic> m not complaining m having a wonderful time
<nomic> how r u
<nomic> wtf.
<JDredd> i thought that you were not happy
<nomic> m fking deliriously happy i got a fridge full of beer
<nomic> slow film. 'chat'
<nomic> how u doing jdredd. tell me all about urself.
<nomic> u remember ww2?
<nomic> mebbe
<nomic> stfu lmnt
<nomic> fking moron
<nomic> gtfo, lamont
<MickDundillo> lol
<MickDundillo> Having a bad day, are we?
<JDredd> what does that mean ?
<nomic> is improving, mebbe
<nomic> what does what mean, dredd.
<JDredd> stfu lmnt ?
<JDredd> never seen that before
* mrlamont sips coffee
<nomic> as in, 'what' .. you have a president, who enunciates constantly,
as a 12 year old
<nomic> you want to critique, what . o american
<nomic> lmnt = lamont
<nomic> u think i wanna be fking bothered typing l a m o n t all the
fking time is lmnt
<nomic> lmnt knows who
<JDredd> Ok, so what are you on about today ?
<nomic> i dunno jdredd .. let us 'shoot the breeze'
<nomic> what do you like to talk about 'chat' about, jdredd.
<nomic> being us here in 'chat'.
<nomic> chat, motherfucker
<nomic> do it.
<JDredd> ok , so were you interested in a real history lesson ? just why
did you mention ww2 ?/
<nomic> DO IT
<nomic> im outta here .. someone else handle this person
<nomic> fking genius eh.. know it all do u .. jdredd .. fully informed..
'gonna teach me history'
<nomic> u program jdredd?
<nomic> i mean do u have any function, in life, i mean ... like lmnt
here.. he is equivalent to some prick in a casino punching buttons
<nomic> are you trying to progress shit .. if you are not a programmer
<nomic> you are not progressing anything
<nomic> here, programmers are subclass -- maybe it is not the same in
america.. dunno
<nomic> salaries r stratospheric there
<nomic> nyway
<nomic> i program man im fking trying to do shit man its fking like
<nomic> u know
<nomic> programming
<x0r2> software enegineers have good salaries, programmers not.
<nomic> tbh ive never differentiated ..
<x0r2> you would if you were in the US
<nomic> porgrammer being someone who 'fulfills a specification'
<nomic> engineer being someone who designs, right
<x0r2> engineer is someone woho makes 100k or more
<nomic> well i would consider myself to have been from the start, an
<nomic> i refer to myself, as 'programmer' tho.
<x0r2> level 1,2,3 memeber of technical staff is a programmer.
<RandomCouch> engineer is someone who finds/makes practical solutions to
tedious/challenging problems
<nomic> thats me .. or it was, in the fking 16 serial positions i held in
<nomic> software hosue to contract
<nomic> why did i not succeeed
<nomic> why was i fked @ end of it,, ripped off, 'an empty food packet'
<nomic> blowing away in wind
<nomic> destroyed
<nomic> y did that happen
<nomic> when i did fking genius things
<RandomCouch> nomic, you been going on about having a tough programmer
life since I've first seen you chat
<nomic> to advance organisations
<RandomCouch> meanwhile I've made many accomplishments as a programmer
<nomic> yeah well it happened. i am bitter
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<nomic> i am bound to dwell on things
<x0r2> Staff engineer I,II, II, and senior, are engineers.
<JDredd> nomic, are you on some sort of amphetamines or cocaine today ?
<RandomCouch> What do you even program nomic
<nomic> no jd im ctually on jd n coke
<nomic> wut i got
<nomic> python
<nomic> i like python. now.
<nomic> all is python
<x0r2> almost all software engineers are pogresives in the US.
<JDredd> jack daniels and cocacola ?
<nomic> in cans
<x0r2> progressives
<JDredd> progressives = communist filth !
<x0r2> I was one of the few conservatives.
* ChanServ gives voice to gloops
<nomic> destroy the thinkers
<nomic> 'commies'
<RandomCouch> nomic: I meant what have you made ... an app? a game? a
<nomic> i made plenty in past
<nomic> now i am working on my shit
<gloops> is someone going to devoice him?
<RandomCouch> What are you using python for? Do you have a specific
<x0r2> And I was amart enough to go along for career advancement.
<nomic> mebbe it goes soemwhere
<mrlamont> whats wrong with progressives?
<RandomCouch> What is your "shit" ?
<nomic> lol 'specific project' lol
<x0r2> nothing.
<x0r2> but they are a heard.
<x0r2> hard
<mrlamont> a heard?
<mrlamont> a hard?
<x0r2> herd
<x0r2> dammit
<mrlamont> a herd?
<mrlamont> what does that mean?
<RandomCouch> I mean if you have no vision in mind nomic it will most
likely not go anywhere
<mrlamont> any political ideology can be described as a herd in that case
<nomic> ok brb i gotta go to fridge so weary fetching more booze brb
<gloops> nomic will be going to the co-op shortly for another 12 cans
<zapster> interesting: https://www.truthdig.com/articles/russia-isnt-
<TinaS`> Title: Russia Isn't Getting the Recognition It Deserves on Syria
- Truthdig (at www.truthdig.com)
<mrlamont> truthdig.com
<mrlamont> who gives a shit about what russia gets
<gloops> nomic represents the life of the unemployed in this pathetic
liberal country
<gloops> nightly boozing sessions on taxpayers money
<zapster> no, not nightly. most of the time he doesn't drink.
<nomic> not 'nightly' is lately getting over the 7 day mark
<nomic> thnks zpster
<zapster> no more than any other programmer ;)
<gloops> lol, you were hammered on Sunday nomic
<nomic> was it sunday
<gloops> yes
<nomic> i think it was before sunday
<zapster> yw, I've watched a long time. you rarely drink that I can see
<mrlamont> prove it
<zapster> of course, don't want it to creep up on ya either ;)
<gloops> boozing, takeaways, chatting about hardship etc
<zapster> so?
<zapster> half you guys do that all day *while at work*
<gloops> 16 hours a day online - not a single job search
<zapster> ripping off your employers, by some opinions.
<zapster> people don't hire the disabled, as a rule.
<zapster> and taking temp jobs can cause you to end up homeless
<mrlamont> what?
<zapster> the system punishes attempts to work that way
<Glassbox> nomic has already made a contribution to society - right?
<zapster> yes.
<Glassbox> And society wasn't very nice to him
<RandomCouch> he did?
<zapster> of course
<Glassbox> Yea he was a software developer
<zapster> for quite some years
<mrlamont> who did
<Glassbox> nomic can live a happy retirement : )
<nomic> m gonna get revenge
<nomic> all i can say
<Glassbox> lol
<nomic> it aint over
<Glassbox> ahh nomic
<Glassbox> You and your revenge
<nomic> im gonna destroy them all
<zapster> otoh, how making rich guys richer is a 'contribution to
society' remains unexplained
<zapster> go for it :)
<zapster> they deserve it.
<mrlamont> who is going for what
* nomic qs up his favorite song
<nomic> lately
<Glassbox> Well the software that nomic worked on is being used by people
to do useful things, right??
<nomic> doubgt . .. any of it is
<nomic> anymore
<Glassbox> Such is life

<TinaS`> Title: Amoreena - Elton John (Tumbleweed Connection 8 of 10) -
YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<zapster> frankly, I don't see how making a few guys rich benefits
anybody but the few rich guys.
<nomic> i met a lotta shitheads
<zapster> they do seem to be large group
<zapster> especially in tech
<Glassbox> Yea but the work you do still turns out to be useful to others
- that's why the customers pay the company and the company pays the worker
<zapster> or doesn't pay the worker much
<nomic> 'cattle town'
<zapster> which is more common
* zapster is an old elton fan
<nomic> i aint heard much zpster... i LOVE this track
<zapster> oh man, he's got so many good songs
<nomic> plays shit outta it sings
<zapster> 60 years on, tiny dancer...
<zapster> many many
<nomic> 'when it rains the rain falls down .. watchin out that cattle
<nomic> 'she dreams of crystal streams, of days gone by'
<nomic> 'if only i could miss her in the crade;
<zapster> :)
<nomic> fking lvoe this song
<nomic> it really is good
<nomic> had it on BRAIN .. for weeks
<zapster> tiny dancer hooked me originally
<nomic> ive heard ppl say that a lot
<nomic> ill get more .. ive read up about elton john .. his 1st album
went nowhere .. this album went stratospheric

<TinaS`> Title: Tiny Dancer - Elton John (LYRICS ON SCREEN) - YouTube (at
<zapster> :)
<nomic> should get mk4 in here .. he plays .. ppl in his town call him
elton john
<nomic> from undernet
<nomic> hes v v good
<zapster> I wonder if you would like calexico...hm
<RandomCouch> I enjoy knowing that people use the software/apps I work on
<zapster> nice
<RandomCouch> To me that proves that I do good work, which means I've got
good marketable skills
<RandomCouch> which brings opportunities
<nomic> so u got something out there RandomCouch
<RandomCouch> Yes of course
<nomic> wut is it
<RandomCouch> I worked on quite a few released projects
* zapster had so many marketable skills. kept having entire career fields
outsourced. :\
<nomic> totally yours
<RandomCouch> No its not totally mine, but I was part of the team who
worked on them. In some cases I was the only dev
<nomic> rite
<RandomCouch> I was getting paid to do it
<RandomCouch> And still am
<nomic> wut language

<TinaS`> Title: Crystal Castles 'BAPTISM' //official video - YouTube (at
<gloops> https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/uk-opinion-polls-labour-
<gloops> ho ho
<Glassbox> When I retire I'm just going to spend all my time watching
Disney movies and playing Nintendo games
<nomic> fntstic
<nomic> i got 'fantasia' thats rlly good .. its eye candy
<nomic> sm rlly sweet stuff

<TinaS`> Title: Pap Smear - Crystal Castles - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)

<TinaS`> Title: Vince Vaughn’s Strategy To Fight Millennials - YouTube
(at www.youtube.com)
<gloops> Westminster voting intention:
<gloops> CON: 38% (-1)
<gloops> LAB: 25% (-2)
<gloops> LDEM: 16% (-)
<gloops> BREX: 11% (+4)
<gloops> via @YouGov
<gloops> Chgs. w/ 01 Nov
<gloops> Brexit Party gains after epic Farage speech
<nomic> farage 'rally'
<RandomCouch> nomic: mostly C#

<TinaS`> Title: The Whitest Kids U Know - Back Seat (Edit) - YouTube (at
<RandomCouch> Glassbox: what is your trade?
<Glassbox> Software development

<TinaS`> Title: [179] Video Games Help Create War – Plus Interview with
Pres. Of Die Jim Crow - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<RandomCouch> senior position?
<Glassbox> Yea I'm a senior developer
<RandomCouch> Nice
* valleycat (~***@unaffiliated/valleycat) has joined
* ChanServ gives voice to valleycat
<RandomCouch> What kind of software?
<Glassbox> Software for pharmaceutical companies

<TinaS`> Title: Crystal Castles - Crimewave - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<RandomCouch> Ah cool, I guess security is a must there
<Glassbox> I always play nicely and give the customers a good time
<Glassbox> Luckily I'm not very involved in the part of the business that
has to worry about security all that much
<Glassbox> But when I do need to make things secure I make an effort
<Glassbox> I work on desktop data visualisation software
<mrlamont> be quiet RandomCouch
<Glassbox> The customers load in data from files on their machine and
then play around with it
<mrlamont> you talk to all the bad people
<Glassbox> Pharmaceutical companies do some sketchy stuff - but on the
other hand we need the medicine they make
<Glassbox> Science tells us that the products they make save lives
<Glassbox> What would happen if pharmaceutical companies didn't exist?

<TinaS`> Title: Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love (Vinyl) - YouTube (at
<nomic> 'city funk' 1984
<Glassbox> That bus driver sketch is so true by the way
<nomic> trying to think .. the guitar in that the guitar break ... is
fking gr8
<nomic> like some other track
<nomic> is like holyshit thats a paid guitarist thats a solo
<nomic> 'example' electric guitar
<gloops> try a tyre track over your chest
<nomic> u sould like lmnt lmnt: 'drink bleach'

<TinaS`> Title: There's A Kind Of Hush - Instrumental/BBC Testcard F
1970's/1980's - YouTube (at youtu.be)

<nomic> 'all over the world'
<nomic> wut song is that

<TinaS`> Title: 山下達郎「プラスティックラブ」ギター弾いてみた - YouTube (at

<TinaS`> Title: 9m88 『 Plastic Love 』 @ HMV record shop 新宿 ALTA
(2018.01.12) - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<gloops> why are people pasting all these links?
<nomic> ynot
<nomic> still chat

<TinaS`> Title: What Would Negative Interest Rates Mean For Consumers And
The Economy? - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<gloops> i cant see any political discussion here at all
<nomic> glps got ft.com
<nomic> stfu
<nomic> there is, political discussion, here
<gloops> 2 abject morons babbling and a handful of habitual link pasters
<nomic> fantastic
<nomic> my kind of channel
<nomic> @ home here
<nomic> stfu gloops r u op? no. stfu.
<nomic> hey lmnt hows the spreadsheet.. lmnt has this channel mebbe
others, to stop going insane. lmnt is sat at desk with hey. its a
<nomic> hy lmnt .. how u doing ..
<nomic> drives in his bmw to get to an office .. .. nobody talks to him,
all day, he complains "hi ron" .. 1st time in 6 weeks .. guy walked by
his cube 'hi ron' he reported 'thats the 1st time someone has talked to
me in 6 weeks' .. he is outta his fking mind, bored
<nomic> why r u in irc, gloops
<nomic> wut is ur issue

<TinaS`> Title: 9m88- ‘Plastic Love’ Cover Version (Original Song by
Mariya Takeuchi) | cut - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<nomic> mebbe u got problems
<nomic> why don't you get a fucking job, gloops .. how old are you .. you
are sub 40
<nomic> what is your fucking problem
<nomic> mind wasting away
<nomic> every day you are here, gloops, without having anything else, at
your age
<nomic> your mind rots, gloops
<nomic> rots away. do you feel your speech sliding in conversation, when
required -- thats it, gloops. that is the deterioration. the mental
wastage. you have nothing to say, no opinion, because you have not
engaged your intellect. gloops is the person in the channel like the
alzheimers early casualty, lamont. "boring" .. cos won't engage cos
incapable of real conversation anymore
<nomic> you remember that gloops. real conversation.
<nomic> ur fking idiots
<nomic> here we are .. this is it. 2019. look @ the state of it. wastage.
<nomic> why don't you get a fucking job, gloops .. i get the impression
you are early to sub-40
<nomic> right wing, blaming everyone, everything but 'no job'
<nomic> 'house husband'
<nomic> no skills
<nomic> xpress etc.. the mail .. validates you, day to day

<TinaS`> Title: A Song for #TeamTrees - YouTube (at youtu.be)
<nomic> but you are JOBLESS. gloops ..you are part of the problem
<nomic> right
<nomic> or = THE problem
<nomic> decrying 'immigrants'

<TinaS`> Title: Friday Night Plans - 'Plastic Love' Cover Version
(Original Song by Mariya Takeuchi) - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<mrlamont> Nelluk: can you ban RandomCouch
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<gloops> wheres McBoatface?
<x0r2> he is in dry dock
<nomic> we think he had an episode .. theories
<nomic> he had v bad angina
<nomic> how hes 'offline
<nomic> h hope hes in some soft of a facility
<nomic> being fixed
<nomic> cos hes a mess
<nomic> he was quiet .. not as combative
<nomic> but still drinking obviously
<nomic> = 1 bottle of vodka a nite
<nomic> reckon, rite
<mrlamont> dry dick
<nomic> he had to got hospital 'angina' .. now hes offline
<Glassbox> What did he say?
<nomic> he actually got laid las xmas
<Glassbox> nomic, tell me more
<nomic> i dunno glssbox
<nomic> ask lmnt
<nomic> lmnt is the channel owner of the pitiful place zk frequents
<nomic> lmnt knows more about zk than me
<Glassbox> What were his theories?

<TinaS`> Title: Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love (Romaji Lyric Video) (VHS
Version) - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<Glassbox> nomic PLEASE
<nomic> pls wt
<Glassbox> please please please
<nomic> irc person
<Glassbox> Tell me what happened
<Glassbox> You can't just say "he's in some sort of facility" and expect
me to not be curious
<nomic> ASK LAMONT
<Glassbox> mrlamont
<nomic> i dunno
<nomic> yes
<Glassbox> mrlamont, hello darkness my old friend
<nomic> he ws in hospital
<nomic> cos he had v bad chest pains
<nomic> someone took him there
<nomic> doc said (he reported) 'angina' .. v bad
<nomic> hes a mess, obviously .. zk is total alcoholic
<Glassbox> Ah right
<nomic> zk needs to stop his job 1. stop his job
<Glassbox> When you said "theories" I thought you meant he was abducted
by aliens or something
<nomic> 2. be sorted out
<nomic> jobs aren't places for ppl who want to drink
<nomic> u hve to report 9am .. do job
<nomic> u want booze
* emmeka has quit (Quit: Ernest Hemingway wrote, "The world is a fine
place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part.)
<Glassbox> I was like "what... what theories..."
* nomic has been there
* nomic bad enough without 'job'
<nomic> http://youtu.be/p1gtgSgG0QM
<TinaS`> Title: Friday Night Plans - 'Plastic Love' Cover Version
(Original Song by Mariya Takeuchi) - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
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<TinaS`> Title: 真夜中のジョーク - 間宮貴子(Takako Mamiya) - YouTube (at

<TinaS`> Title: Taeko Ohnuki - 4:00 AM - 1978 - YouTube (at
<roshambo> trump impeachment betting odds Loading Image...
<x0r2> since it is politics and not horses, this is in the range of, we
don't know.
<mrlamont> what?
<roshambo> https://www.axios.com/monmouth-poll-trump-approval-
<TinaS`> Title: Poll: 62% of Trump supporters say nothing he could do
would change opinion - Axios (at www.axios.com)

<TinaS`> Title: Alice - Per Elisa - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
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<gloops> i hope youre happy now nomic
<gloops> the channel is dead
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* boz (***@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. has
* ChanServ gives voice to boz
<nomic> ok.. it sparked up, in chat.. then it died off .. and i happened
to be there ... yes i seemed to kill it for like 10 minutes, a long long
time ago. now it dies. it dies all the time... now cos i was here
<nomic> its MY FAULT?
<nomic> fk u glps
<nomic> is MY FAULT?
<nomic> again?
<nomic> i am THE FUCKING PROBLEM? i am somehow DEFICIENT or ASOCIAL,
lacking or
<nomic> or wut u fkng PARASITE
<nomic> fk u lmnt
* nomic cries
<nomic> i belong nowhere.
* nomic tht this ws a friendly channel
<nomic> no.
<nomic> fk u all
<gloops> you should have thought about that before you downed all those
<nomic> i aint finished
<nomic> bottles
<nomic> nm.
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<mythomaniac> here ya go zapster https://dailyreckoning.com/will-mmt-
<TinaS`> Title: Will MMT Trigger the Collapse of "Money"? - The Daily
Reckoning (at dailyreckoning.com)
<mrlamont> dailyreckoning.com lol
<mythomaniac> mrlamont u never read
<mrlamont> dailyreckoning.com lol
<mythomaniac> u always bitching about sources U YOURSELF never read
<mythomaniac> mrlamont stfu
<nomic> mrlamont is the best chatter
<mythomaniac> ...
<mythomaniac> nomic did u suddenly start taking your meds?
<nomic> lmnt is the bst chatter
<nomic> DON'T U KNOW THAT?
<nomic> stfu.
<Nelluk> coty 2015
<mythomaniac> im glad you're bback on your meds nomic
<nomic> wtf mythomaniac
<gloops> nomic is self medicating
<mythomaniac> that u can start to see why having a positive outlook is
the best outlook nomic
<gloops> against the guilt and shame he feels for being a totally
annoying parasitic arsehole

<TinaS`> Title: Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) (Official
Music Video) - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
<nomic> 'do you recall'
<mythomaniac> snap
<mythomaniac> naw
<mrlamont> dailyreckoning.com lol
<mrlamont> •mythomaniac> that u can start to see why having a positive
outlook is the best outlook nomic
<mrlamont> dailyreckoning sounds very positive
<ventures> https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7646451/From-toast-
<mrlamont> lol
<mythomaniac> we must always bset the mood...

<TinaS`> Title: Billie Eilish – all the good girls go to hell (Lyrics) -
YouTube (at youtu.be)
<mythomaniac> mrlamont i never made a statement that the reckoning is
positive (actually it is)....
<justanotheruser> the trump administration is the most transparent
administration in decades https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/
<mrlamont> no its not
<nomic> no its not

<TinaS`> Title: Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown (Vertical
Video) - YouTube (at youtu.be)
<nomic> u bored outta ur skull lmnt fk. its 14.22 .. thats bad.. many
hours to go lmnt .. u r trapped lmnt
<nomic> horrible. i understand.
<nomic> bored. outta ur fking mind. .. ur life, lmnt
<mythomaniac> its just that trump is the best present... since Eisenhower
<nomic> trapped.
<nomic> wut did u do today, lmnt .. u feel 'productive'
<nomic> u feel like u did things that were creative/productive .. do you
feel after driving to the specific destination (not chosen) .. in your
car .. 'work'
<mythomaniac> i like the fact that zapster sees trump as exposing the
political corruption of tgose elected
<nomic> ur a fkup
<nomic> i made it lmnt
<mythomaniac> by trump
<nomic> i have control of my life
<gloops> there are millions like nomic
<mythomaniac> but not dominant
<gloops> utterly pointless human beings whos only function seems to be to
consume the products of others
<justanotheruser> 1/buffer politics
<mythomaniac> sup justanotheruser
<justanotheruser> hi mythomaniac
<mythomaniac> long time no see
<nomic> what did you 'produce' today, gloops .. how did you 'contribute
to society'
<nomic> apart from being on irc, emitting right wing drivel
<gloops> ive been working since 6.00 AM
<nomic> how now, or before, have you a function, existance -- how do you
contribute. carbon negative etc

<TinaS`> Title: Billie Eilish - Bellyache - YouTube (at youtu.be)
<nomic> why do you exist, gloops.
<nomic> u fkng 'worked' on what on WHAT
<nomic> WORKING
<mythomaniac> to create balance nomic
<nomic> 'life/work' balance
<mythomaniac> that's why gloops exists
<gloops> nomic when i die my contributions will go forward with mankind
* mythomaniac when dies will have burnt the whole entire earth down
<nomic> me too. fkit
<gloops> youre just here to consume the shit they stick on the
convenience stores shelves nomic, to occupy a house and use energy
<nomic> good idea mythomaniac
<nomic> point.
<gloops> you are just fodder for the conglomerates
<nomic> yeah but i programmed my pointless idea for like 18 hours lst
<nomic> and progrssed it
<nomic> it looks like something more of possible or different
<nomic> u did nothing
<nomic> i programmed
<mythomaniac> ?
<mythomaniac> ah
<nomic> ur a piece of shit, unskiled
<nomic> unskilled
<nomic> u have nothing to do cos ur a fking shithead flikking the TV
channel .. like boris johnson
<nomic> u have no skills no interest
<nomic> no passion
<nomic> all u do is 'walk the dog'
<nomic> ur asleep
<nomic> u exist in resentment
<nomic> cos 'limited'
<mrlamont> when dies
<nomic> by 'europe'
<mythomaniac> u think because u write code... that gives u the moral high
ground nomic?
<nomic> yeah.
* mythomaniac just shakes his head
2019-11-05 22:56:48 UTC
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute '__str'
<method-wrapper '__str__' of str object at 0x7f8707941d78>
<type 'str'>
<slot wrapper '__str__' of 'str' objects>
2019-11-05 22:56:57 UTC

2019-11-05 23:07:45 UTC
2019-11-05 23:07:59 UTC
2019-11-05 23:10:08 UTC
gloops, the express reader


<TinaS`> Title: epic45 - Monument [Official Video - HD] - YouTube (at
<gloops> thats right nomic
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<gloops> lounge around, have a good time!
<gloops> keep burning the electricity i paid for
<gloops> put some music on, turn the heating up, drink more beer
<gloops> id love to join you but i have to go to bed at a reasonable hour
<gloops> as ill be up working in the morning
<x0r2> nice, somone with a job.
<mrlamont> like me
* LuvIsBad2TheBone has quit (Quit: Ooops)
2019-11-05 23:10:56 UTC
gloops, they exposed, the reported to me

has no job
is idle
is a pisshead
2019-11-05 23:30:26 UTC
so some fking shithead
who failed
outta life, outta work
on a line
gave up -- understandable
or was ripped off (3m)
serially by idiots
did 16 jobs in the profession
some way, trying to get up
broken (3m)
by bastards
cos all people are evil
relatives .. easily, met one
met some prick
cos the life its wastage
english are wastage
so ur like outta it
supposed to claw way up
be 'functional' be 'productive'
'support self
when ppl around u like relative
all get on
its a fucking nightmare
outta life outta anything never think about it
always wanna do the thing the programming
getting on but its pitiful
all a mess
u feel bad like bout things
supposed to be a worker
supposed to be 'productive

here i am xerox parc
here im nothing else
this is a voyage of xploration y not
i never got on
shitheads got on
y not do this
pose as a weakling
i never stood like a 'manager'
or capable i dunno
i am i can fking direct
is class based
nobody let me succeed the rspb got me
that shoulda been the fking message
that scottish piece of shit
as i said here
to get on
be scottish
that complacent piece of shit
ppl u see around software
all smiles
the chosen few
but nothing got achieved, ever
trying to work things out, slowly
but it all looks like shit
some elevation, some progression
a 'breakout'
nobody gets on
he fked me totally 3m
and the system
they threw it away
i want to write to the pharmacists
the lab people and ask
i was in there, in a lab -- always had access
no coat -- they didn't wear coat
no coat they looked at me shrug
we don't
you don't have to
no coat
was in there
last time the lab assessors she said to me
the very last time i saw that lab
she had a coat white coat
'put the coat on'
there i was with a coat on
sitting at stool frantically getting this shit working
1 day
didn't think could do it
mind gone was fked was like
wth is this just do it just get the fking shit done
sort this shit hes gone
and it wasn't NHS
shoulda thought at the time
it wasn't an NHS lab they were getting all the business as he proudly
he represented
im in there no coat or coat .. i never had a coat on
that day
cos .. regulators in there
cos shes a fking stupid cow from some other stupid situation
he was competent ill give him that -- small, limited lab situation
he got out -- he used me, to elevate
i was there, sorting out his mess
i said they're all over the place
'your notices' 'yellow notes' 'they're falling off'
'you say' i was marginally present it was just there 'paid'
i was quite aware
i said ... 'they got assessors'
'the manuals' 'they're just there' 'nothing is organised'

so it was blame
that was it they had me there
she got me there
cos she had no idea
and i was a mess
and they got me there @ the time
to replace the overheating pc
which was something i reported
the 486dx2 , without fan, which was still there
in like 200x
so i had th eassessors
glarign at me
i had the fking local shithead hospital manager
glarign at me
it was all me it was all me, my fault
she was there,
pointing the finger
she was phoning him, i know
and hed fucked off
nature of roles, employment
big fridge they held the milk in
no coats
me .. was i introduced .. hy pathology ppl. like. we got liek the trainees
or fking ppl whove been associated with this fking fkup this elevation of
this 'nhs' manager, pumping up a situation and getting out, leaving it
all behind, left to the unaware, the destroyed, the simplistic, the


486dx2 no fan
they had the whole aircon above .. to keep the whole lab cool cos the pc
was overheating and the pc ran the lab
nobody ever asked me, questioned me about systems failure, about nhs

that was just 1 situation
they had a link to the nhs the PAS was in there
i wasl told it was 'nhs' it was nothing it was that piece of shit
it was his control -- he moved on -- he is '3m'
2019-11-05 23:44:06 UTC
wanna ask them
when i write
with authority
from some established organisation
not some fking freak
destroyed (post 3m)
to write, to the fking dickheads, who run laboratories, nhs
re regulation
how it goes
how i arrived there
what happened
why i was like the problem
some mistake
some fking fkup
i pointed at some shit in a jar once, settling
and margaret was saying to like the fking 3m dickhead
'no its alright'
cos id like .. i was there i had no idea
and id poked my finger at some sample
it meant nothing to me because there was zero information fed to me
about how a lab operates, apart from the numbers
and the cynicism
the sneering attitude of 3m
all of that all of the code
was thinking then, as now
limited by code, limited by the framework
12.5bn est. wasted
i was involved i was involved, before
nobody cares, nobody wants to know
because the english are idiots.
the english are idiots
2019-11-05 23:52:24 UTC
produce or die
im fking dead
noway i get things working
ws in fkng australia time i got there
so i wasn't like
i knew
u gotta do something with software
ive had time now
this is going ok
but it looks like shit
2019-11-05 23:52:50 UTC
is all 'ascii'
2019-11-05 23:55:35 UTC
m$ knocked off what they saw @ xeroc parc
in C
an impression
without any of anything
the gui cou;ldn't have been inventd without smalltalk
as jobs said
re: objects
u gotta be like where the grist is or like
the hub
theres ppl in technology
all smiling all getting on
there is the real shit
but who are you without a degree
thats what he did to me (3m)
thats what that fucker wrekced
he saw me getting ahead
his son
a little racist runt
a prick
theres the 'scrote'

you are dead to me
2019-11-06 21:05:13 UTC
Post by afdsdlkjasd
in C
an impression
without any of anything
the gui cou;ldn't have been inventd without smalltalk
as jobs said
re: objects
u gotta be like where the grist is or like
the hub
theres ppl in technology
all smiling all getting on
there is the real shit
but who are you without a degree
thats what he did to me (3m)
thats what that fucker wrekced
he saw me getting ahead
his son
a little racist runt
a prick
theres the 'scrote'
you are dead to me
It sounds to me that you are dead to him, not the other way around. I
would guarantee that all the time you have been obsessing about him, he
hasn't been thinking about you one little bit.

2019-11-05 23:57:09 UTC
jpr is 'dobbs'
a fake
hes stupid
has no language
no function
like dobbs was a snob
no music
a music teacher yeah
he taught music
he taught how good he was

to lots of ppl
including me
who like music

british in classical music
its nothing to do with them
2019-11-06 00:13:27 UTC
wanna ask them
when i write
with authority
from some established organisation
not some fking freak
destroyed (post 3m)
to write, to the fking dickheads, who run laboratories, nhs
re regulation
how it goes
how i arrived there
what happened
why i was like the problem
some mistake
some fking fkup

wanna ask them
want to write
from some established situation
not some freak
from nowhere
but from some place established
to question idiots
2019-11-06 00:16:00 UTC
as to why

i was told from the start
all those years
that i didn't have to wear a lab coat
but the final day, i did
and everything appeared to be my fault


the lab was closed down the 3m piece of shit said
because it was a mess
even i knew that
im from the street


i will write, i will ask them

i will ask them why i was there

why he was there
what authority he held
why he operates

why, they operate
2019-11-06 01:10:38 UTC
what was i? in that situation
they all looking @ me. the fat bitch lab manager blaming me
was i part of their fucking scenario?
was i part of their universe - ie. 'the pathology laboratory', medical
who was that piece of shit
i never wore a coat he said naw from the start
let into secrets
milk they had in the blood fridge, for their tea, was all casual
who the fuck was he?
who were they
how did i get in?
all of it -- the whole system
who are the regulators
who were the people to turned up, glaring at me
as she had it that i was the fucking problem
this was 3m the piece of filth who now markets 'littman' stethoscopes


hes a liar a fraud he was running fake tests, steroids out of that lab
for years he was bragging about it

he piece of shit drug dealer

2019-11-06 01:10:56 UTC
jp robinson 3m
2019-11-06 01:14:23 UTC
will stick with ascii
ascii is good
is further than 3m robinson or his runt son will ever meet