narkive is for sale. (interested) / (dismiss)
dam almost collapse was a huge thing a huge opportunity
(too old to reply)
2019-08-11 11:27:29 UTC
for lots of people to stand around

thats what they do
they fucking stand around

cos they're the fucking "workers" aren't they

mebbe waiting for zombie attack
then they get in the newspaper as 'hero'

thats the thing about hte 00s

wt did you do

well i was fking stood around

it was either around salisbury for about 8 months that was
all fking toxic

the damb was drained to 1 inch
but it was still 'unsafe' -- they had to max it out

they maximising their overtime?

all the shitheads
2019-08-11 11:33:07 UTC
they in this mode where they're like functioning

mebbe for about 3 seconds outta 1 hour
like the max .. ppl like dominic cummings will average out at, in a day
fking 'efficiency'

all looking @ each other checking
u got the look u got the attentive, stressed, 'keen'

u attentive
u sharp u fking efficient .. u 'professional'

oiled machine, annihilating social problems
cancelling them out
all robots

u gotta be a perfect robot .. u gotta be productive, you gotta be

all standing around like a fucking moron
getting paid for it

felt important rite thru that 'disaster' PM flew in .. corbyn was there,

wonder if they get home wrecked after a week standing to attention, for
the press -- after fking 19 hour or so fking shifts ..
of doing nothing looking astute 'ready' keen

bet they think
sneaking thought aside from the thoughts of how worthy they all are
polishing performance medals
feeding the shitty dog

the dull fking yappy dog = a problem
sneaking thought to them
'what did i do' 'what did i fking achieve' 'how did i advance'
'in self' .. qs. avoided. instituationalised
thinks about the pay thinks about the huge career progress, always, as a
drone, as of the right type
2019-08-11 11:46:38 UTC
weren't all the sandbags symbolic


you got a fking 2million or wutever
millions of gallons of water and the dam = 'unsafe'
so ur gonna fking move the fking ppl outta the way and drain it
a bit

you gotta have a big scene
you gotta symbolically sandbag it .. meaning nothing, stopping nothing
but doiing a great deal for publicity, fuck the environment.. get all
those big military helicopters to fly big sacks of sand in..

its all ads

and fly that fat shithead in (boris johnson)
to stand around with a hat on for a while
with the rest
wondering why the fuck they are there , what they're doing
was this what its all for "functional"
am "functional".
boris johnson 'working night and day'
the fat piece of shit

none of them do -- none of them 'function' none of them have any solutions
apart from the pr. day to day

as the independent said, it's obvious

he can't thrown an election after oct 31st, no deal
cos its a crisis .. any government looks bad

what's he going to do
they say they're preparing

he can't throw an election post oct 31st. he's hoping for a prosponement

the whole lot .. boris johnson, however 'charismatic' = theresa may and
this = stagnation and he has given up on a deal, so he is in the same

stagnation -- meanwhile nobody , this is apart from the odd formulated
'disaster' nobody does anything at all, and now of course, that = the
industry, the whole impetus of the governmetn = preparation for the event
which won't happen .. if it happens hes fking finished

theres nobody serious around politics anymore
its all PR representation .. .. cummings stance/his 'blog' isn't clever,
its confusing, designed to be 'clever' and obscure. in any exam of any
competent examiner, he'd be getting zero for his 30k word 'clever'
all those years 'educating' himself -- he knows nothing, he achieves
nothing -- his work was for, nothing, because he isn't a programmer
he isn't of information , he isn't of systems, he isn't of the real world

like many, sidelined
it's very very sad

irrelevant, outside of reason
Keema's Nan
2019-08-11 11:48:06 UTC
Post by aslfkkjslkfkas
for lots of people to stand around
thats what they do
they fucking stand around
cos they're the fucking "workers" aren't they
mebbe waiting for zombie attack
then they get in the newspaper as 'hero'
thats the thing about hte 00s
wt did you do
well i was fking stood around
it was either around salisbury for about 8 months that was
all fking toxic
the damb was drained to 1 inch
but it was still 'unsafe' -- they had to max it out
they maximising their overtime?
all the shitheads
Oh yes, these people love ordering the proles around.

“Get out of your house. It is so unsafe that we have hundreds of police
patrolling the empty streets”

“Achtung! You vill not return to your homes until ve say so, dumbkoffs.”
2019-08-11 11:54:42 UTC
shitheads knows that its all about information systems

so he comes up with some off the shelf 'solutioon'

like they're all gonna start talking it

ny of them are capable

waste of time

admit failure, suspend everything
before the £ is worth 25c
fast being realised
off the shelf
geniuses in 24 hours
ur fking morons

you have no understanding of value
you are worthless

fucking media
'the tech dark ages' as apple has it
you are nowhere no-where
theres games, theres science, and theres i.t.
all separate

you are NOWHERE in I.T.
because you have no respect
the english trait
you're further behind than europe
that you acknowledge - your intelligence acknowledges
all the petty 'experts'
cos its where the fucking money is, always
still is re: £10m a month on universal credit contractors (a few years
all the massive bonuses
all the 'impetus', but no design (the microsoft model)
keep the cow bleeding
your basis = nothing

people like dominic cummings 'geniuses' who are illiterate, who aren't
even programmers, in charge
how it is
your fucked "culture"
2019-08-11 11:57:12 UTC
£12.5bn wasted on the NPfIT .. the fundamental problems, you continue with
the crooks who defrauded, you continue with

no enquiry
no knowledge, no interest
cos you're all successful in your little temporary worlds
of nothing no governance, no knowledge, no responsibility --
most recently

osborne, may, this piece of shit
callous disregard/cruelty


2019-08-11 12:10:56 UTC
thats the kicker

its naive
told is 'genius'
'radical' 'everything is wrong'
'anarchist' (described as)

but hes a fking writer insn't he
he can knock off 30k words
with all these fucking insights
of fucking random shit, inserted, to make him look clever
like a knock off novel of any fucking genius any amateur, like his
master, johnson

but hes not a programmer
he can't make a system
he can't do anything
he's a fucking moron
and the british press, also morons
they lionise this piece of shit

turning up in 't shirt' no respect
and looking all offended cos the fking press is poking in, cos he invited
cos hes a fucking freak
but he's worthless, he's the public sector - he's the uk economy
he's 'uneducated'
an idiot
the opposite of europe/european progress
allied to 'trump'
all the wrong moves all the 'populist' moves when you have no press no
intelligence, no education -- all annhilated by the 'elites', by people
like him -- by the BBC.
2019-08-11 12:23:42 UTC
keep it separate , keep it somehow 'obscure'
keep it away, keep it 'elevated', or its worthless
it has to have value
they have to have made it valuable
something separate, something kept away
from the worthless

is all their language

u gotta be able to program or ur nothing
u gotta be with the new stuff
its beyond text

but theres money in it
so its been annihilated
the government doesn't even address it
whaddaya working on i occassionally get asked
all the fking years
i read about cummings aged 31, durham being able to just read
but wuts it worth
u gotta program or ur nothing
u gotta attempt again and again to program

would talk to russians
ppl without pretentions
noone here
won't deal with the british ever again
ur nothing
ur a tradesman
all is cash
i don't want to play here
u gotta keep forming/reforming code getting insights
u gotta be rewriting the same pieces of code
the same thing you need doing
again and again
text/reading/memory is minimal
the central shit, is the code
its what matters
russians etc have an understanding
no pretentsions
i got foreign friends who r like professors
ppl talk to fking ppl who have failed,

that was the purpose wasn't 3m
getting too 'above'
cut down

that happened
in your fucking lab
will write to the regulators , some day
why the fuck i was being used as some kind of a scapegoat
by that fat piece of shit 'blackpool'
as 'blame'

so she could stand by and im there
and im fking sorting out their system why that day
the regulators in there
cos i knew
cos the 1 day outta all those fking years
she said that fat piece of shit like 5 foot said, held out to me
'you gott wear a lab coat'
'cos the regulators, the assessors, they are in here'
yeah cos you're getting shut down aren't you
as unviable
all the fking manuals the documentaiton all over the place
and you are an idiot
public sector nothing
dozy, procedural
unless you were told something, it doesn't exist

nothing your fault, ever, assured
but they're shutting you down, -- his shitty enterprise (3m)
that he'd 'built up'
that id somehow thought was worthwhile
was 'something'
his 'turnover'
that piece of shit
no interest, moved on

like any of them in the public sector
cos there's nothing there
just a new set of 'procedures' the next shithead 'manager'
with ambition
no systems no establishment nothing recognised
nobody ever given the chance
nobody allowed to succeed
other than elevated runts
like '3m' or higher 'dominic cummings'
what the fuck did you do with your life
'i was a filing clerk'
2019-08-11 12:43:59 UTC
why that day ..
was in there, that day
cos she had lost it . the place was a mess
and the regulators were there
wheely bin used me as blame
that other bitch margaret calling me 'that thing'
yeah it all fits
it was all my fault, wasn't it
that fking prick .. this is the level.. they had it all sorted in their
tiny little scenario. that, I was the problem
shed mebbe built it up that shed inherited a mess because, because of my
'system' that horrible thing
pc breaking down cables breaking down
nothing maintained - maintainer arrives back a mess, broken
im carrying that £400 'diamond' the fking cheapest. levenshulme road they
were 'diamond' the cheapest in the whole of computer shopper it was
486dx2 without a fan .. they got a whole aircon unit on top of it .. they
are standing around freezing, i was freezing. carrying this pos fking
£400 then pc when they weere £1k out and hes glaring at me , rite down
the corridor to some shitty room with stacks of compaqs (better, with
fans). 1 @ least eventually used again, to some extent. they all sitting
there waiting execution, dead.
im back there putting it in sweating no fking way this whole shit is like.
i couldn't even remember. fixing semi-transient problems she relayed to
me. the system heavily used, unbelievably running their whole fking shop
but nothing, finally understood.
but the blame "it's all your fault" .. and where was he (3m) phoning him
from there, 'wtf' as if 'not my problem gov. etc' .. marginally
getting info saying 'its all fucked here, wtf' 'and 'regulators''
i get 'just replace it' .. etc. then i get stiffed
for the fking money for the 'expenses' agreed
then i go nuts then ppl ask why
then i go nuts just asking for the fking basic money i agreed to in
getting involved in that fking shit.
that meant nothing
that they threw away, anyway
that it all went to a skip outside, like you know .. was getting old
drives, years later .. recycled drives .. i had one with marker pen on it
BLOOD. thought 'thats from a lab that' .. 1 of many systems.
mebbe there was some progress, mebbe there was some understanding
mebbe it meant more, here than a painter, decorator
nobody stickingg around
tories.. was reading that .. reading the last of the book about labour
'end of the party' .. the conservative vote share in 2010 was far less ..
it was 16 percent wasn't it. they were behind the lib dems and labour.
but they ended up running it. i didn't like miliband

but i know now .. brown should have held on .. it should have been a
brown deal. he should have held on and dealt

because liberal democrats/guardian = tories
it hasn't finished

they'll destroy labour in another election, the guardian will
they are tories

i still know the code, anyway
wherever it went
it was 75k of source code
the shit i am working on was up to 40k couuple months ago
now its down to 20k
it wasn't as much as that
it was a lot of work
it was a lot of focus
more than 'essays' from idiots
2019-08-11 12:56:44 UTC
thinking about it
part of project
was making .. so the screens didn't show pertinaent information
to lab ppl
so they had no like address etc
built in
sounds simple now

but ida just hadd a dataset
of like .. lemme think
15 years of all the data
without the addresses
mebbe taken some postcode info
no names

i said to person @ stob hill
bout the data
how important it is
part from training them a bit on systems/queries
they didn't even keep the data
thats what im thinking, in review

all that fucking data
never mind my system

maybe they, streets heaver
or 'spire'
bougth t he place
he said he was 'computer manager'
maybe there was some management
and they kept the fucking data
records of which, maintenance of
was my formulation/maintenance
that was a lot of fucking data
and data is important
but they threw my system away
it = trash, irrelevant, like me
i don't reckon they kept anything
theres no attention, no care
he didn't give a fuck
he just left it all

it meant nothing to him
it meant more to me
2019-08-11 12:57:31 UTC
yeah .. cos im in a real business
not a parasite
2019-08-11 13:25:21 UTC
irc just now

""The depth of the crisis that has engulfed the UK over Brexit is quite
astonishing. A nation that long prided itself on being a beacon of
stability and indomitability in an ever-changing world has, since the EU
referendum in 2016, come to resemble a hollowed-out, post-colonial hulk,
and something of a laughing stock around the world.""

q boris johnson

the vacuum
2019-08-11 13:30:11 UTC
boris johnson is one of a long line of people
focussed on getting all the accolades for not doing his job
how will that be possible with johnson
world statesman
hes gonna be bush re-aligning parameters using his subservient press
the right wing press- the uk press
the press that is serialising currently articles "boris johnson is a good
thing" "boris johnson is 'impetus'"

noticed them all in southern newspapers

some sort of a revolution
not just 'johnson'
he has a majority of 1
he is non-functional, without an election
2019-08-11 13:44:22 UTC
Post by aslfkkjslkfkas
hes gonna be bush re-aligning parameters using his subservient press
i dunno wtf i meant by that

he would realigh parameters

what they r working @ now
but bush

im fking pissed
not badly
2019-08-11 13:39:00 UTC
i think they're gonna say .. later

that if he hadn't called an election now
he's finished
what the hell is he going to build up now, with this

with his force toward a no-deal

because if he gets no deal
he's fucked
he won't get re-elected.. uk government now
ie. the uk propaganda arm is all pro-brexit , pro-brexit publications pro
"no deal"

because he doesn't have a position .. boris is 'it's finished' 'not gonna
negotiate' .. mays position was = blackmail

boris johnson = pedal down, to the cliff ' whaddya gonna do about it'
short term (weeks) the nationalists love boris .. his spring

we are looking at the shortest term pm in history

a "unity government"

which will be some sort of a labour controlled coalition

it won't be boris
that piece of shit won't be part of the deal
not after this summer
his 'pedal to the metal' (no deal) .. he's irresponsible
he's taken it all.. he's taken the whole problem .. boris johnson is
brexit and brexit isn't going to happen, in october at least
brexit won't happen v possibly, without a re-referendum, the result of
the coming constitutional crisis (2). because he's the problem
he's taken it.. he is theresa may, nothing else. javid is a fucking
idiot. gove i had respect for, before this. they're idiots. had more
respect for may
2019-08-11 13:49:19 UTC
re: netflix
'black mirror has gone to shit'


cos money
cos they all move on
nobody sticks around
they are good
they get rehired
nobody wants to build, ever
its all 'new enterprise'
2019-08-11 13:56:46 UTC
thats it, the key
none of your skills mean anything
cos .. its shorter than life
public sector enterprise
nobody sticks around
nyone where it means anything say, i.t.
cos theres cash
bigger cash
nobody gets ahead anywhere
cos rewards for work are worth cash
recognition = promotion = cash
your enterprises are frozen
its nothing .. nothing organisations
organisations of zero .. the era the 'innovation' dark ages of tech the
nice vid i saw on youtube
all was plain data with lisp
its actually harder to program, do anything real, in python
with things like lisp, prolog
you gotta own the world
or its nothing
sorta like ur own little systems, branching out
gotta be meaningful language/syntax
english isn't it
not after this .. not after the negators / the idiots
boris johnson/rees mogg
the 'scholars'
you people are idiots
you are finished
your press is nothing, your culture is nothing
you are retrograde, nihilistic
you have no culture of worth
you are destroying culture
what you were doing, actually
right through the 19th c
you're bastards, negators
the enemy

people like rees mogg/boris johnson need to be destroyed
they are the problem
they aren't clever
they are the problem
they are the issue , they are the negativity
what the hell is that
the 'grammar rules' from that piece of shit .. the only creative thing he
could say (rees mogg). or "use imperial"

they aren't anything
its a dead end
'don't take us for idiots' some scientist said
2019-08-11 14:03:05 UTC
ull never get ahead
'couldn't get ahead'

ull never get ahead
if ur not elevated
fast track

boris was a reporter
that t shirt wearing piece of shit now
like cameron
was a 'researcher'

you won't get ahead

you won't get anywhere, here
you are wasting your fucking time

with these people

'no respect'
2019-08-11 14:07:28 UTC
even in labour
they're the same
those pieces of shit
get in?
get any work?
fuck them
deal with the enemy
the enemy has respect

ill talk to the fucking russians

ill take my work to the russian
not here

i won't deal with these idiots

i;ve dealt with them
the 'enemy
people with fucking respect

not here

no respect, here

no civilisation, here

2019-08-11 14:10:13 UTC
says it all about 'dominic cummings'
hes there in his fucking t shirt
you don't do that
all those years
you are in the business
who the fuck is that piece of shit
with his essays
fuck off
hes lost respect
from the start
the press trying to say, to re-work the piece of shit , his approach
you wear a suit, you wear a jacket
he deprecated
of course
its all finished, now
boris going through the door
emotional clapping from the people within, incl. cummings, aside
in his fucking t-shirt
fuck off

you are trash
the trash government
as the russians say, about trump
'not real'

that piece of shit has weeks
2019-08-11 18:42:11 UTC

2019-08-11 18:44:02 UTC