PRICELESS: YET more Clinically Insane Blather from the Resident Pedo, Psycho & Spammer that NO ONE ever Reads!
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2021-07-11 18:12:27 UTC
The poor asshole just CAN'T hide what's the matter with her!

Innit, poor asshole? LOL
Pedophilic dreckserb Razovic arguing in favour of pedophilia, again:
"Why do we still have outdated laws prohibiting paedophilia? Do you
seriously think that a 12-year old who spends 15 hours a day on Facebook
doesn't know what's going on?"
MID: <FnMUE.676068$***@usenetxs.com>

So 12-year-olds are your thing, filthy old pedo swine?
My Name is Peeler and I Eat Jew Shit
2021-07-12 10:19:10 UTC
Imagine the poor sicko shitting at home, all day long, MANUALLY and
LABORIOUSLY eating Jew shit.
Peelers do that all day long.