Joker Jacob and The Petulant Pit
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Mark Devon
2019-10-21 16:07:05 UTC
Isn't it about time BonZo got rid of this childish joker? One thing's for sure....BonZo can rely on Joker Jacob to throw a good old tantrum! The government had the numbers on Saturday, for the main motion. But instead they threw a tantrum.

Now Brexit has been kicked further down the road. As I've said many times, and now even Brexiteers aren't seeming to disagree.....Brexit is being lost on the playing fields of Eton. These establishment jokers are throwing Brexit under a bus. Buckstop BonZo should be in that ditch now.....if he had any integrity or honour. But, of course, he has none. However, he should get rid of the Joker Jacob.
Mark, Devon
2019-10-22 06:33:35 UTC
Would just like to thank Flocksy Jacob for his highly clever and very relevant recent contribution ;

"A king emperor left in 24 hours, and we are removing an imperial yoke in over a week," he added."