Wife of Orlando jihad mass murderer says she knew he was 'preparing for jihad' [Islamic, Muslim terrorism]
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Dr. Jai Maharaj
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Wife of Orlando jihad mass murderer says she knew he was
"preparing for jihad"

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Viewpoint: US media bias in covering Israel and Palestine
Remi Kanazi
March 23, 2006

NEW YORK, NY, USA -- On July 18, 2005, 14-year-old Ragheb Al Masri
sat in the back of a taxi with his parents at the Abu Holi checkpoint.
An Israeli bullet penetrated his back and cracked open his chest. His
mother screamed as his body lay lifeless. Have you heard his name?
I wouldn't expect that you have because CNN, The New York Times, and
The Washington Post didn't report the killing online. If they had
quoted his parents, their readers would have been able to feel their
tears and envision the heartbreak. Ultimately, no Israeli soldier was
arrested or even reprimanded. Every time a suicide bombing strikes
Israel, mass coverage of the tragedy begins instantly. Whether landing
on the front page of The New York Times or taking up the headline
block on CNN.com, the pain that Israeli people endure is shown
endlessly. Israelis do suffer. Suicide bombings are horrific.
Nevertheless, Palestinian pain occurs far more frequently, and yet it
is often overlooked by the mainstream American media. Since the
uprising in September of 2000, more than 3,800 Palestinians have been
killed in the Occupied Territories as a result of the conflict. Most
Americans are unaware of the toll because it is not properly reported.
In 2004, If Americans Knew - an American organization that exposes and
examines the facts of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict - reported that
808 Palestinian conflict deaths occurred while 107 Israelis conflict
deaths occurred. The study, however, found that The New York Times
covered Israeli deaths in the headline or the first paragraph in 159
articles - meaning in some cases they covered the same death numerous
times. In contrast, the newspaper only covered about 40 percent of
Palestinian deaths - 334 of 808 - in the headline or in the first
paragraph of the articles. Nearly eight Palestinians died for every
one Israeli. Disturbingly The New York Times is considered the
quintessential "liberal" newspaper of the US. When Palestinian deaths
occur, especially militant deaths, the Israeli government's version of
the story is taken as fact in the mainstream US media. In most cases,
articles covering the death of Palestinians only include large Israeli
quotes, without citing Palestinian witnesses and other credible
nongovernmental organization sources. This continues to be the case
after human rights groups have released reports stating that Israel
has indiscriminately shot at civilians, even using them as human
In as early as 2001, Amnesty International (AI) and Human Rights Watch
(HRW) stated, "At least 470 Palestinians have been killed, most of
them unlawfully by Israeli security forces when their lives [Israeli
Security Forces] and the lives of others were not in danger." Since
the AI/HRW report, more than 3,350 Palestinians have been killed. It
is remarkable how so many can accept Israeli government as the sole,
objective source when it forcibly occupies the Palestinian
On August 25, 2005, the headline on CNN.com read, "Israel: Five
Militants Shot in Raid". The article claimed that the militants were
suspected of being involved with a suicide bombing; they were armed
and exchanged fire with the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), and five
Palestinians were shot. The report also mentions that the town
Netanya, where the suicide bombing referenced in the article took
place, was a frequent sight for suicide bombings. No Palestinian
quote, no witnesses giving an alternative perspective, and no mention
that three of the victims shot were under the age of 18.
The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz covered the same event including
Palestinian quotes and some Palestinian claims. The paper reported
that the IOF killed five Palestinians on August 25, three of whom
Palestinian sources claimed to be between the ages of 14 and 17 with
no known links to militant organizations. Four of the victims died at
the scene, while one of the young victims died later that night.
Varying Palestinian reporters cited witnesses claiming that all five
Palestinians were unarmed, including the two militants killed. This
was the first fatal attack since the "disengagement" of the Gaza
Strip. The contrast in coverage between CNN and Ha'aretz is
staggering. The CNN headline was written in absolutes: "Five militants
shot in raid". The CNN article continued by stating only the Israeli
claim that five militants were killed, making the headline biased and
misleading. The Ha'aretz headline read: "US urges restraint after IDF
raid that killed five Palestinians". This headline refers to the
people who were shot as Palestinians and not solely militants. The
Ha'aretz article covers conflicting Israeli and Palestinian claims,
which made it impossible to determine whether or not all five killed
were militants or civilians.
On September 7, the findings of a probe, conducted by Ha'aretz and the
Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, found that three of the five
Palestinians killed in the assault on August 25 were under the age of
18 and did not have any links to known terrorist organizations. Their
investigation also found that the two militants killed were low
ranking operatives who were not armed at the time. This repudiates the
Israeli claim that IOF soldiers were in the area involved in an
operation against militant leaders and a "ticking bomb" with
connection to suicide bombings in Israel. "Ticking bombs" are
characterized as individuals that are an imminent physical threat to
the state of Israel or people holding information that imminently
threaten the security of the state of Israel. In most cases, "ticking
bombs" are referred to as would-be suicide bombers or those holding
valuable information on individuals carrying out a suicide bombing.
Israel has used the "ticking bomb" scenario in the past as an excuse
to torture Palestinians with impunity. In a 1998 study on the "ticking
bomb" scenario, B'Tselem found Israel's claim that it was necessary to
use torture against "ticking bombs" was in most cases "totally
unsubstantiated". The recent findings of Ha'aretz and B'Tselem deeply
call into question the reliability of the state of Israel on affairs
in the Occupied Territories and reaffirm the notion that using Israel
as the sole source is careless and unacceptable.
Israel professes that it doesn't have the death penalty, but it has in
the past and "maintains the right" in the future, to carry out
extrajudicial assassinations of "wanted" Palestinians. Israeli defense
minister Shaul Mofaz admitted on August 26 that Israel invaded and
fired first in the incident that killed five Palestinians, while
maintaining the notion that the militants - meaning all five killed -
were armed. Again, Israel, the occupying force, reserves the "right"
to play God with the lives of the Palestinian people.
There are many examples of unarmed children and disabled Palestinians
being injured or killed by Israeli forces. More than 875 women and
children have died since the start of the conflict under the guise of
security. Nearly 25 percent of the children killed were under the age
of 12. Why are "leftwing" media outlets such as The New York Times and
CNN not reporting the Palestinian side of the story?…They cover
injustices only when there is no risk of backlash from readers and
advertisers. The media moguls are only "aware" and objective when it
pays them to be. CNN and The New York Times must vet their content, so
as not to be viewed as "pro-Palestinian", in fear that advertisers
will pull their ads or commercials, leading to a loss in revenue…
The dilemma of the "free press" in America is that it isn't free. The
media hinges on the support of the people, newspaper subscriptions,
television viewership, advertisements, and the bottom line of their
companies. We live in a capitalistic society run by corporate profits
and essential year over year growth. I understand why The New York
Times and CNN report the way they do. They are media hacks run by the
corporate dollar.
Injustice is injustice. Murder is murder. While Palestinian suffering
goes on unreported children like Ragheb Al Masri remain dead and
forgotten, and the American press remains biased and forgiven.

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