"Facts don’t matter" with global warming
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2019-10-07 23:16:46 UTC
Not science, just paganism:

2019-10-07 23:43:22 UTC

Al Gore George Soros invented this religion and make trillions of US
dollars a year from it

Who profits from "climate change"?
Mark Latham has seen the light
Voting Coalition, Labor or "Greens" because you hate One Nation is like eating shit because you hate spinach

ALWAYS Vote oligarchies Coalition, Labor, "Greens"
*LAST*, Federal State and Council!
Lorrie Goldstein
2019-10-08 00:10:56 UTC
Trump says it's a hoax by the Jews, according to his jew son in law. Big

Some say it's final proof, the final nail in the coffin for those who still
refuse to believe the great global warming swindle is a hoax by The Jews.


"Star of David fits perfectly The Star of David first perfectly into the
recycling symbol, a symbol often associated with climate change and "going
green". This seems like an extremely unlikely coincidence that is too
unlikely to be pure chance. This points the finger to the Jewish people, a
people often thought of as extremely cunning and intelligent. They are also
known as manipulating, as they planned out 9/11 and shifted the blame to
their natural foes, the Muslims. It is not much of a stretch to believe that
they would also create a conspiracy about climate change, so as to get
funding from governments and foolish people who trust them, and use that
money to fund their master plans of planetary domination. Stop the Jews now!"

"Jews deceiving the goyim I noticed the star of David fits inside the recycle
icon as well. The climate change hoax (remember it used to be "global
warming"?) is a ploy to milk non-jews of more money thru regulations and
carbon taxes as well as manufacture a worldwide crisis that a global
government will have to step-in and manage thus bringing the Jewish dream of
world domination to fruition. Look up all the multi-national summits on
climate change and the communist UN's efforts through the IPCC. It's the