johnson has destroyed the tory brand
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2019-11-05 03:29:13 UTC
tories = 'britain first' now

farage is getting out cos he knows what is going to
happen in a few weeks

johnson is getting as much money to his mates as he can, fast

reports aaron johnson has abandoned ship
2019-11-05 03:29:43 UTC
aaron banks

its finished

hes on his way out
2019-11-05 11:14:41 UTC
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aaron banks
its finished
hes on his way out
cometh the time cometh the man

goeth the time, goeth the man

cameron and boris (and even may) are well into the process
of restoring the tory brand
the left wing entryists like hazeltine, clarke and even socialist
johnny....once known collectively as 'the cambridge mafia',
are going into 'the bucket of history from which they should
never have emerged...

the socialist brand never changed one jot...with luck and a fair
storm, the fascist 'new' labour party should soon follow them

let joseph swine's son restore the fake lib dems to their natural
jam roll as the natural cabbage coloured opposition