Obama’s right, women are superior to men. Let me count the ways.
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2017-12-06 14:43:37 UTC
"As a lifelong feminist I have always balked at the idea that women
might be “better than men” because it perpetuates the myth that women
and men are polar opposites, and that our skills (or lack of them) is to
do with innate qualities rather than as a result of socialisation or
opportunity. This particular competition of “who is best at what”
further ingrains the false belief that “the battle of the sexes” is here
for time immemorial.

The reality is that after thousands of years of living under patriarchy,
through no choice or fault of our own, women have developed certain
skills as a result of this tyranny. A feminist friend once remarked that
“if oppression made one a better person there would be something to be
said for it”, and while I agree wholeheartedly with this, the truth is
that we have had to become far better than men at most things."


Bindel at her man hating reactionary feminist best/worst(depending on
your POV).
It seems that for some it’s not about a desire for equality but a
pathological urge to say “We’re superior”
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2017-12-06 15:31:58 UTC
“if oppression made one a better person there would be something to be
Post by Tim
said for it”,
mebbe thats the idea
thats the idea of the tories
things have to be beaten into shape
because they've failed
they must be beaten until they succeed
the right wing thugs have the highest standards
fail them, they show no remorse
2017-12-07 03:41:19 UTC
Here is a quote from "The Centuries of Revolution":

That "women's rights" was and is essentially a communist and Jewish
production is undeniable to any woman who has been involved in
feminism, and the names Gloria Steinem and Betty Freidan, among the
many, many other communist Jews who led and organized the so-called
"women's rights movement", should be enough to at least intrigue a
reader unfamiliar with the question into reading more. "Women's
rights" is a vague term and encompasses attacks on the human social
order on many levels. As we have seen, it began with the radical
communism of the late 19th century and ended with the ritual murder of
over a million children each year and the consumption of their blood,
bodies and souls by the evil gods that have plagued mankind since the
inception of the race. In between, it involved and attack, primarily
within White communities, on the notion of masculinity, and on the
traditional social roles of men, including their role in defending
society. By encouraging women to revolt against an allegedly
"male-dominated" society, the Jews and their cohorts worked between
the sexes in the same manner they had worked between the races and
between the classes of the human society they had pledged their souls
to destroy.

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