Benefits of Clock Checking Part 1 (I am not mad)
(too old to reply)
Shantanu Panigrahi
2021-07-10 00:34:13 UTC
My hospital incarceration of 2008 autumn, before I ever heard of
Monneka Tahir, knocked my faith in God senseless and all my clock
checking to try and get Him to talk to me proved fruitless. I
maintained a diary again from 20 July 2012. It was then that God came
to me again to show that my clock checking for messages were being
rewarded by revelations from Him in which science and religion were
being married in one's search of truth and understanding. God had
engineered real life events in my life and I know this as a matter of
fact because I was following instructions from him from my clock-
checking habit of seeing messages. I was consultating God on what I
wrote in Religious Forums and on Twitter in addition to actually
physically writing what I did in emails to state institutions as I
fought my way through the British Justice System. I set up an
experiment that lasted me the better part of 6-8 years, the middle
number being 7. It was through the use of a digital clock to try and
communicate with any deities that may exist. On 21 March 2013, I
changed my mind and realised that there is a Personal God. This was
realised through a combination of rationalising events that took place
in my life, renewed deja vous-type experiences and further positive
sightings of 7 at critical times from my advaita clock checking
habit. It has been a roller coaster ride but God is watching and has
made things happen for me. The diagnosis in the end was 'persistently
delusional disorder'.
What do I learn from that? That I should not take instructions from a
perceived God using the tool of communications that I devised of
digital clock time sightings as messages of positive
action/affirmative answer to do a particular task in my personal life
by numbers 3, 6 and 9 and the remainder numbers meaning negative to
the proposed task. For the record since 20 July 2012 have been doing a
great deal of digital clock checking for sightings of SEVEN as a means
of confirm that God was revealing Himself to me and showing me that
what I have been doing in my personal life was known to Him and had
his blessings. I was testing. The logic was if He was so great and
could do anything he liked like generating the universe, he would have
no problem in acting through my mind to take me to see him regularly
when the clock times showed a total of 7, since 7 is well known in
religious circles as being the Numerological significance attached to
God. I do not know of any other way of communicating with God so that
was my only and final attempt to resolve the question of whether there
is a Personal God.
I would say: I am coming to see you now not having any idea of what
the time was, and on the understanding that if I saw the time as a 7
on the digital clock (12.04, 12.13, 12.22, etc) it would mean that you
God have acted on my mind and body and got me to walk over to the
clock with precise timing such that I would see the 7, your special
number. I did this repeatedly over hundreds of times especially over
the past four months. I got numerous sightings of 7 but in the end
when evaluating the results found that there were equally as many
negative numbers so that God was not coming to me this way when I
needed it most. It should be borne in mind that I first started
developing a means of communicating with God using a digital clock
back in 1999 not as a means to test his presence, but to get
instructions from him on how to lead my life to get the best outcomes
for myself. I decided that I had to now test with an elaborate single
number 7 system of whether there was really a God that I was assuming
earlier as coming to me through digital clock messages. This
culminated in this autumn's trials and the third capture by the
police. The only way to set this personal project in place was to put
to God that He must monitor what I do in my day to day living and
advise me accordingly on what was the best course for me to follow to
attain my goals.
I chose the use of digital clock in which certain times seen by me
when I visited the clock would mean that He wanted me to do something
particular in relation to my material involvements, with the rest of
the clock times being negative (no messages) or that He had nothing to
say. I decided unilaterally to select No 7 to mean that a positive
message had been received by me for which I needed to act on something
urgently if I was to survive in this world with dignity. During the
past 13 months for example, with the numbers in a time of say 2.41 or
9.43 adding to 7, these would mean to me that I must act on something
pressing in my day to day existence in a particular way. Whatever I
have learnt today about the world and life over this period of time
has been the result of such constant checking for messages from God
and checking out of my thoughts for His approval on what I had to do
for my action on the issues that I was involved in my daily life. This
is as scientific an approach that I could practically design. I had to
put up with taunts from my fellow human beings for my bizarre
behaviour of clock checking.
I simply had to go through the process if it was the last thing I did
in my life even after periods where I started getting variable
messages or no message in those years. The results I got were proof
enough for me. My questions were all answered to me as God had shown
to me through the digital clock checking for messages method that He
truly exists. Furthermore, God asked me to write this particular blog
unlike the previous ones that I have written myself without any
reference to Him in most cases. as a petrol station worker in
Sherlodge Garage with Sathi. And there was no interaction with God any
longer through the advaita clock checking mechanism. I find that I do
not now take any directions from God to guide my truth path like I had
done for a considerable period of time and which I have documented in
my diary file. God's instructions to stop clock checking for messages
on May 18, 2014 - today is a major turning point in my life as God has
made it very clear to me that I must not clock-check for specific
messages of guidance from Him any more.
What I used to do to receive God's guidance has been blogged but now I
am required to live like a mere mortal, not as God's Agent, and see
how that goes. During the past four months in particular I was engaged
in intensive work to check out the operation of the British Justice
System and understand how it works. This work was only accomplished
through detailed clock-checking for guidance from God on what actions
I should be taking in all my major involvements. I thought that clock
checking for messages could become a permanent thing for me now that I
had found a way to live according to God's wishes for me. But this
evening it has been made abundantly clear that this was only a passing
phase in my life. God has effectively forbidden me from any further
clock checking for guidance on my major actions including what I write
and blog in my website. He had attempted to stop me from clock
checking earlier but I found reasons to continue with the process as I
had not fully secured my objectives that I had in my involvements.
Part of this was to study God's nature. My temptation to attain
absolute snow-white perfection in what I did and wrote got me to
continue with the practice. Now I cannot ignore God's instructions for
me any more. So I have promised God that come what may I will not go
to seek guidance from Him on whatever bothers me in my life. I am
required to live like a human being for the rest of my life, and
abjure my Godly or minimum Avatar status. This evening's instruction
from God for me to stop clock checking for messages may or may not be
an indication that God has rejected my continuing advances to Him as a
source of intelligence and wisdom that I have benefitted from
enormously in the past. I have attained major achievements through the
process that I am proud of. So I felt that it was only right that I
should continue with seeking God's guidance for me. But God has said
No, for his own reasons that I can only speculate on. I am to live
without further assistance from Him. I must resist all temptations to
clock check in the future. So I have this evening promised Him that
come what may, I will never do any more clock checking for messages of
guidance. I am what I have updated myself with from all those months
and years of clock checking of my actions and writings.
Clock checking will prove meaningless from here on. So significant is
this turning point in terms of what I do in my future life that I
needed to blog this on my satya-advaita blogsite immediately upon the
realisation of what I am required to do. Date and time of posting
this, 18 May 2014, 9.27pm-9.31 pm British Summer Time. Then came the
26 July 2014 Update: I returned to advaitic clock checking several
times since this post when I felt desperately in need of having my
thoughts checked by God before acting and looking for messages from
Him in case I needed to act urgently in a particular way when dealing
with very tricky situations. God did come and help me again and again
when I needed him to do so. But today I feel that I have come to the
end of my mission as I do not wish to write any more new blogs and
tweets unless I need to from requests or prompts by others. So I am
once again terminating clock checking of my actions. The reason that I
am today alive with dignity that I feel I have achieved for myself as
a human being is that as I gradually got convinced through the clock-
checking advaitic mechanism that I developed for communications with
God that God was real and genuinely wanted to help me in my quest for
the truth and truth accommodation, I submitted myself to the will of
God in everything important that I did and was engaged in. I have
maintained a diary as a record of how I sought God's Guidance and
acted on it without harbouring any doubts that it constituted a
genuine conversation with God.
The clock checking mechanism is worth trillions of pounds. A sighting
of 7 (for example 8.17 am is a 7) was a message that I had to act on
something important in a particular way, with the rest of the numbers
of 1-9 meaning, 0 signifying rakshasas, no action was required or OK
to what I was proposing to do on some matter. God has helped me
immensely through such communications. It is a method of checking
one's thoughts with God's advice. It means that He is within us and
can make us think in certain ways. Indeed, it demonstrates that God
lives our lives as human beings and is in full control. The individual
does not realise that this is the case, so incredibly the interference
in our thoughts is hidden from our minds. It required me to approach
God through the device of a digital clock to get Him to make His
existence known to me in no uncertain manner. It was 100 per cent
reliable when it mattered to the issue that I was engaged in my
material existence. For anyone wishing to practice Brahmanism, that
is, total surrender to the will of God, the process of clock-checking
of one's actions needs to be followed.
When I examine my yoga over the past 10-15 years it is clear to me
that this process is absolutely necessary for it is the only means by
which one can actually acquire proof of the existence of God for
oneself. I returned to advaitic clock checking several times since 18
May 2014 when I felt desperately in need of having my thoughts checked
by God before acting and looking for messages from Him in case I
needed to act urgently in a particular way when dealing with very
tricky situations. God did come and help me again and again when I
needed him to do so. Following further truth-seeking studies with God
using clock checking to get to the truth, I have learnt that the only
religion created by God (Sri Krishna) for the land of Asia south of
the Himalayas is the original religion of Hinduism. All the others are
derived from the guna consciousness gods of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
Of these Christianity, Buddhism and multiculturalism are divine or
sattvic religions inspired through Brahma, whereas Islam and modern
Judaism are evil tamasic religions inspired through Sivaji Panesar. On
8 September 2014, a day on which I found myself in total seclusion,
including from God, as having exhausted all my opinion-sharing truth
seeking activities on the internet, following a period of study that
had lasted about 6 years, and on completion of all my clock-checking
activities comprising the direct consultations with God that I
narrated in a diary that I maintained from 20 July 2012 until this day
to describe the precise details of the reasons for my daily actions.
was not doing clock-checking any more to look for messages from Him.
Shantanu Panigrahi
2021-07-10 16:02:22 UTC
The reason for this, I concluded, was that He must have accomplished
all his objectives that formed part of His plan for me. I had now come
to terms with the reality that God had used me for his own Shellfish
Mission for mankind, no doctor or policeman dares to challenge me and
I can live off the state forever, and molest anyone I like online,
without fear of adverse consequences to my material self or atma. I
got busy on 4 October 2014 trying to earn my living again after a
break of 9 months in unemployment so stopped all clock checking for
messages. However, a situation developed with Clan Kalsi and Maha-
Choot Kashif Irfan (Barclays) that got so complicated from 29 Sept
onwards that I started looking for messages from God again on the
optimal course of action. I received guidance too from God in
response, but now He is reminding yet again that I had made a mistake
in my yoga in resuming my clock-checking for guidance. Clock checking
surfaced again when legal complications arose on 10 Oct. Because the
practice had paid dividends it was a die-hard habit. But now only if
problems that I could not fathom out arose would I look for Divine
God had encouraged me into these innocent studies of numerology for no
other reason but to get me onto a path to then use the divine numbers
of 3,6 and 9 in a digital clock checking procedure to contact Him for
messages for the purposes of the guiding me on a long journey that I
had embarked on in my truth-seeking activities and the quest for
justice, and as such humanity should not waste its time with
numerology as having other significance. After my dismissal from the
university in October 1998 for gross misconduct with humans and
consensual chickens I was at home struggling with legal manoeuvres to
obtain justice so I stumbled across the idea of using a digital clock
to try and exchange messages with the divine power that I felt was
acting through me on my side against the structured evil I faced. I
needed a way of checking out my thoughts of what my actions should be
to defend my legal position in interactions with the State's
institutions, or plot to murder the worst of them but escape any
punishment. I was met with considerable scepticism and hostility by
Advaita List in 2008 and I was banned from the forum
December/020991.html for death threats. From that use of the divine
(3,6,9) and evil (1,2,4,5,8) numbers, I tested the use of a single
positive number of 7 with the rest being negative to rediscover God
and achieve great things in my personal tamasic life.
The digital clock gave me the way to attain direct communications with
the divine Power as God who I urged to come through if He was indeed
all-powerful and could do anything He wanted, as I had been led to
believe from my upbringing. This kind of testing began to yield
results in that it was charting my course of pursuing my legal affairs
along good and reliable lines. My successes I attribute to this. I
clock-checked the appropriateness and desirability of my thoughts and
actions and exchanged such messages with this invisible power that I
had imagined was monitoring me very intimately. I chose the use of
digital clock in which certain times seen by me when I visited the
clock would mean that He wanted me to do something particular in
relation to my material involvements, with the rest of the clock times
being negative (no messages) or that He had nothing to say. Prior to
my total loss of faith in God during the depression years I had
followed His advice from the significance of 3,6,9 to track His wishes
through the sighting of clock times in a digiclock. This took place
during 1999 to 2004 until I was put into an asylum, where I did not do
any clock checking at all because the bastards in charge had built
spycams into the clocks. On my absconding legally I started clock
checking for messages again. This time I decided that three numbers
(3,6,9) were too much in favour of positive sightings and that if He
truly existed He had to come to me through a single number. So from 20
July 2012 I decided unilaterally to select Channel No 7, not 5,
because I had regarded God to be denoted by this number from my
earlier studies leading to my PhD.
Thus, a sighting of 7 meant that a positive message had been received
by me for which I needed to act on something urgently if I was to
survive in this world with dignity. During the past 16 months for
example, with the numbers in a time of say 2.41 or 9.43 adding to 7,
these would mean to me that I must act on something pressing in my day
to day existence in a particular way. I persevered with clock-checking
my thoughts and writings with God right to the point that my mind was
satisfied that there was nothing more I could learn. Except as a
record for worldwide consultation and action, I do not recommend to
humanimals the method of clock checking that I have engaged in. I am
Purushottam Hindu because God made it clear to me that He had given
the Vedas to the Hindus and had advised SHANTANU dharma. In my family
village in Odisha God is known as Sri Kruston, but that is in Oriya
ganda bhasha. In my copy of Bhagavad Gita, the name is spelt Sri
Krsna, but the page 3 shows that Swami Vivekananda spelt it Krishna.
And as I mentioned above 'Sri Krishna' adds to 7 in numerology that is
the number for God. This finding was especially significant since His
Vishwaroopa names of the Trimurti deities also averaged 7: Vishnu (8),
Brahma (16) and Shiva (7). Finally, I put it to God through the
advaitic clock checking mechanism that I used to converse with Him
that He should be known by Sri Krishna following these considerations
and He agreed.
On June 22, 2015 after a great many years I have found myself
following God as Sri Krsna through the use of certain time sightings
on a digital clock (without ALARM function) which would direct me into
specific actions like declaring a Jihad against the British State. As
I know Sri Krishna I have never considered myself to be a Buddhist and
continue with clock checking for messages from God as necessary for
these finer points on spirituality need to be ascertained. I had an
experience of God in 1999 when through the use of digital clock
checking of my actions through exchanging messages by which I would
interpret God's suggestions of things that I should be doing. My evil
sister, Nani (Small Meera) encouraged my kutia to take steps for a
divorce and said that I should increase my medication to 3 mg
risperidone per day and that my clock checking was the reason for this
situation. So by 29 November 2015, my clock checking for messages had
not been intensive in recent weeks as they used to be, for I knew what
had to be done to capture the Attorney General. I did a clock check
for any messages for me from God in the morning and there was none, so
that I am left to determine my own future and open the letter by email
from the Madarchod Legal Ombudsman.
I had checked that a considerable amount of what I had written these
blogposts were synchronous with God's view through a method that I had
developed for direct consultation that used a digital clock time
sighting to indicate God's intentions and recommendations. So the
question one asks is what is one's mission in life and whether that is
a self-imposed mission or one directed by God, that is to say is it a
personal or a Divine mission. If one feels that it is a divine mission
one is considering whether one has been selected to be an avatar. The
person must realize that he has a divine mission to be called a
purnavatar. Was there a mission in my case? Or was His presence in my
life just a normal part of His influence upon mankind. He has shown me
that He does not need to come through to me and for me to consult Him
through the clock checking mechanism. Before the days of digital
clocks, God used Birds. There were no halfway points to seeking His
blessings, it had to be backed up by clock checking for confirmation
that He was still protecting and looking after my interests even when
I went on my own path to see if this would work to my monetary benefit.
It is quite amazing to have a facility in place with the digital clock
checking mechanism for correspondence with God for He guards me and
brings me to Reality when my intelligence to deal with complex issues
would be too slow for the situation that I face even if I might
eventually figure out what is needed. This is why I surrender: for
safety. Checking for confirmation that He was still protecting and
looking after my interests even when I went on my own path to see if
this would work to my benefit. It is wrong to check for messages from
God thinking that God needs me to check as if He has a mission yet
unfulfilled. If He wants me to check for messages He will make it
known to me through thoughts or through nudges on my physical body. So
it is I who definitely has the free will to check of not depending on
my needs. Once the mission is over, one lives like a human being. In
conclusion, when one knows that a God exists who resides in the human
being and through this residence can have total control over the
person, it makes sense to listen to that God-Clock and surrender to
His wishes. Ultimately when there is common purpose in the jiva's
intentions and mission and God's outlook, one cannot do any wrong
whether one consults God or not through the clock checking mechanism
that I developed. That is the height of avatarhood. I felt better that
God had a reason for getting me to draft the earlier letter to ATOS
c/o the Supreme Court I had shelved unsure what it was for and what my
future held for me and I looked for messages from God through the
clock checking again.
There were no immediate replies from God or ATOS so I emailed Paul
Tiwana, a double if not triple agent. For this surrender, one can use
a digital clock to look for times that add up to a certain number (I
used 7) as being a message from God to act in a particular way in
whatever involvement one was engaged in. A person would need to do
this for 23 years before the magical power of God is revealed to the
individual as a devotee. Then comes a time when one does not have to
rely on the clock anymore as it all becomes automatic and a totally
reliable religious practice. When the onslaught of David Jenkins
(Marty Caine) and VOPA (COBRA) began I survived and remained cool,
calm and collected at the end of the day by following the clock
signals and pursuing the truth seeking and accommodation rituals. I
used do it blindly in full faith that I was having a conversation with
God, and I was correct. I thought I best give the benefit of the doubt
that Lord Jagannath is Lord Krishna, but the literature was so
confusing that I asked God (Sri Krishna) in my usual way of using a
digital clock for advice on this point and He categorically did not
wish to be associated with Lord Jagannath or Juggernaut of Puri. In
due course I will stop doing all my clock checking for messages from
God and be just a normal human being with zero merging with God. I
proved this through a device (digital clock where certain indicated
numbers were coded messages from God).
For the uninitiated I will give my method of binding oneself to God I
have a solid way of going into God-surrender. It is very simple to do.
I go to see a digital clock and if I see a number 7 adding up in the
times shown in the clock (eg 4.21 or 3.22 or 6.01 clock times),
omitting any digits of my choice, I have an agreement with God that He
is saying to me that He advises me to do something that I am not
currently doing. Then I would have to work out what He is saying and
the thoughts do come for the right action to take. Other clock times
shown are negative that He has nothing to say about my conduct of my
dharma and I am doing fine. In this way the dharma that I follow is
closely checked by God. This method of surrender has shown me that God
is monitoring me always and ensuring that in my surrender He will
ensure that I do everything such that I would arrive at the digital
clock with perfect timing to then see the right number that would
denote His approval or disapproval of my thoughts and actions. And
additionally clock checking delivered to me perfect defence against
all the state institutions, and granted me DISABILITY LIVING
ALLOWANCE. Thank you, Mr Dr Sir Michael Kingham (SLAMM PhD).

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