"Shameful surrender to antisemitism" by Unilever child company [Now we Britons know which ice cream to buy/not to buy ;-)]
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A. Filip
2021-07-20 06:17:24 UTC
Big chill: Jewish world reacts to Ben & Jerry’s exit from Israeli settlements
; By JTA Today, 3:18 am
[…] The reactions were all part of the firestorm that quirky ice cream
manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s set off Monday with its announcement that
it would no longer sell ice cream in "Occupied Palestinian Territory." […]
Israeli politicians, supermarkets in the US, various pundits and even
Ben & Jerry’s current Israeli licensee went after the ice cream maker
and its corporate parent, the *British* multinational Unilever, for its
statement. (The company’s Jewish founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry
Greenfield, no longer manage the brand but have often used their
frozen treats to push social justice causes.) […]
Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, the architect of the current ruling
coalition who is generally to Bennett’s left regarding the
Palestinians, went even further, calling the decision a “shameful
surrender to antisemitism, to BDS and to all that is wrong with the
anti-Israel and anti-Jewish discourse.” He called on US states to take
domestic action against Ben and Jerry’s based on state laws that
prohibit government contracting with entities that boycott Israel. […]
A. Filip : Big Tech Brother is watching you.
| You can tell how far we have to go, when FORTRAN is the language of
| supercomputers. (Steven Feiner)
2021-07-20 08:17:53 UTC
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"Ben Shapiro: said he would stop eating the brand." :-)

BDS is an interesting battle between a groundswell protest movement and
authoritarian power trying to quench it.