Spike is amazing!
(too old to reply)
Stephen Cole
2019-09-07 06:02:00 UTC
His materials science knowledge expressed in the new groups.io
forum is very interesting.
No doubt those who slag him off in this NG, reay, cole and mm0fmf
merely reveal themselves to be empty vessels making the most noise.
Stephen Cole
2019-09-08 13:35:23 UTC
Why do you folk continuously crosspost this crap to the D-I-Y newsgroup. I
could understand it if it had some constructional content but slagging off
RSGB and stuff like that is of no real interest to the main core users over
there. Brian
The problem lies with the immature attention-seeking of stephen thomas
cole who repeatedly takes a post from one NG and then splatts it over
several others; others to which it has no relevance whatsoever.
The solution is to deny stephen thomas cole the oxygen of publicity.
NEVER reply to anything by Stephen Thomas Cole and the problem
will disappear.
It is not "you folk"; it is ONLY stephen thomas cole.
It is not helped by those who reply to cole but do not delete the
crossposts to NGs other than the one that they are reading.
Stephen Thomas Cole is a sociological form of cancer; feeding his
infantile need for attention from the discussions of others.
You haven’t been able to stop taking about me for years, though, G.

Physician, heal thyself!

_STUPID_ boy!