Sleaze Dossier on Angus MacNeil MP (SNP) (Western Isles)
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2019-12-02 20:54:01 UTC
Member of Parliament (SNP) for the Western Isles
(Na h-Eileanan an Iar), Scotland

contrary to rumour, this file was not compiled by Melinda Gillen,
nor by officers of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland]

Name: Angus Brendan MacNeil
Born: 21 July 1970
Religious denomination: Roman Catholic
Former primary school teacher in Argyll
Elected 2005, majority 1441, turnout 64%, unseating Calum MacDonald(Lab)
Re-elected 2010, majority 1885, turnout 66%.
Re-elected 2015, majority 4102, turnout 73%.
Re-elected 2017, majority 1007, turnout 70%.

The saga begins almost as soon as MacNeil, a former school teacher, is
elected as an MP in 2005.


Aged 35, MacNeil buys drinks for two teenage girl musicians, Judie
Morrison (17) and Catriona Watt (18), while they are away from their
home on the Isle of Lewis playing music at a ceilidh in Shetland. He
takes both girls to his hotel room, exposes his penis to them, and asks
them to perform sex acts on him while they are drunk, which they do –
unbeknownst to MacNeil’s wife Jane, a dancing teacher, who is eight
months pregnant with their third child.

April 2007

MacNeil is forced to admit the events of 2005 when they are reported in
the Sunday Mail, the Daily Record (9 April 2007), and other sources. A
senior SNP source is quoted as saying “He won’t be forgiven”. Yet
remarkably, and despite MacNeil’s admission and apology, SNP Leader
Alec Salmond, who is currently (2019) facing charges of sexually
attacking 10 different women, charges which include attempted rape,
leaps to MacNeil’s defence, claiming that MacNeil has been spied on by
MI5 for his role in the honours inquiry. (It does not seem to occur to
Salmond that a married legislator who gets teenage girls drunk and then
engages in sexual activity with them is ipso facto a national security
risk and therefore of legitimate interest to the national security
service.) (Evening Standard, 10 April 2007). In a mealy-mouthed apology,
MacNeil says he bitterly regrets the incident but is “angry” that it has
“diverted attention” from “substantial political issues”, allowing
others to infer that rather than truly regretting this particular
incident (well known in the Westminster bubble to be one of many) he is
in fact “angry” at journalists for researching and revealing it and at
the girls for speaking to the journalists.

October 2007

MacNeil claims the largest annual travel bill of any MP, £169971, more
than £3000 per week. That is more than £400 every day, for a whole year,
for “travel”. Included within this figure, £30560 is for air travel.


MacNeil develops a heavy cocaine addiction that continues to the present


MacNeil begins an affair with much younger political journalist Serena


MacNeil’s wife Jane (described in the Daily Telegraph, 16 May 2015, as
“long-suffering”) separates from him after learning of his affair with
Crowdy, who is simultaneously having an affair with another married MP,
Stewart Hosie, deputy SNP leader. (These affairs were revealed by the
Daily Mail in 2016.)


Almost falling down drunk, MacNeil walks into the wrong voting lobby
when MPs are voting on a proposal to hold a referendum on Britain’s EU
membership. When his error is pointed out to him, colleagues help him
respect the Commons convention that MPs may not walk back out of a
lobby once they have entered, but in order to avoid being counted as an
“Aye” he lies down on the floor of a toilet and according to several
MPs’ accounts he is physically sick, having to be helped away by clerks
once the voting is over.


MacNeil expresses his fury at the the Independent Parliamentary
Standards Authority (the parliamentary expenses watchdog) when it
points out to him that under its rules an MP may only be reimbursed for
a maximum of £150 for a one-night hotel stay in London, not the £256.80
he is claiming for each of four nights of hotel stays in the month of
May 2015 alone. After the IPSA refuses to meet nearly £900 of his
expense claims, MacNeil fulminates (in a type of response that is his
hallmark) that “the upshot is I have now paid £900 from my own pocket
subsidising IPSA”.


MacNeil is exposed in the press as having on many occasions shared a
room with Crowdy at the Plaza Hotel in Waterloo, central London, which
he has claimed for on parliamentary expenses even though the hotel is
only a short walking distance from the flat he owns in Lambeth, a
property which itself was bought with mortgage assistance claimed on
parliamentary expenses. (In 2014-15 he claims £17000 in hotel expenses
in London alone.) All told he claims almost £3000 in expenses purely for
entertaining Crowdy at the Plaza. (Daily Record, 17 May 2016).

Oct 2017

Against the initial opposition of Margaret Beckett, MacNeil is appointed
to the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy after promising
that his cocaine use is at an end and observing that it has been known
to the SNP Whips’ Office and to the Speaker’s Office for some time. He
is lying and he continues to use this Class “A” drug.

January 2019

This is one of many occasions on which MacNeil has appeared in the
Commons chamber or in committee either drunk or high on cocaine. On this
particular occasion John Bercow, annoyed at the ever larger file his
office has to keep on MacNeil, berates him in coded language in the
House, telling both Pete Wishart (SNP) and MacNeil that “both of them
are very senior figures in the land, as Chairs of important Select
Committees of the House, and they should behave with the decorum that
befits their high status”.

January 2019

After a “press agent” from the Isle of Lewis calls Bercow’s office in
relation to a garbled account he has heard of MacNeil’s latest drug
incident in the Palace of Westminster, Bercow scoffs in the House that
“The Honourable Gentleman (MacNeil) may wish to offer the views that
he has just expressed to the news outlets that operate in
Na h-Eileanan an Iar, and I rather suspect that that is what he will
want to do. Local newspapers and radio stations will doubtless be very
interested in the views that he wishes to express, but they are not
matters of which I can treat now. The House has decided what it has
decided.” (This has to be watched on video for the sheer contempt in
Bercow’s voice to be appreciated.)

February 2019

After a drunkenness-related incident in which two bar chairs are
broken and MacNeil then enters the Commons chamber roaring drunk,
Bercow observes that “The Honourable Member for Na h-Eileanan an Iar
looks very happy. We do not need to hear from him further at this time.
I remind him that he also has cerebral status as the Chair of a Select
Committee and should behave with due decorum to reflect the very high
standing he enjoys, possibly in Scotland but certainly in the House.”

This is one of several occasions recorded in Hansard on which John
Bercow has referred to MacNeil as “happy” (drunk) or “high” (under the
influence of cocaine).

March 2019

John Bercow, again using coded language but with increasing
exasperation, in effect calls MacNeil an idiot: “Let me conduct the
very briefest tutorial for the benefit of the illustrious Chair of the
International Trade Committee of the House of Commons. It is unseemly,
to the point of being disorderly, to try to speak one’s intervention
by mouthing it before permission has been given to undertake it. It is
a point that is so blindingly obvious that, as I often observe, only
an extraordinarily sophisticated person, possibly from Na h-Eileanan
an Iar, could fail to grasp it.”

April 2019

A young Italian woman guest at the Plaza Hotel reports an act of
molestation against her by MacNeil who exposes his penis to her in an
elevator and causes her blouse to be torn, and she asks the night
manager to call the police. Whereas the woman is unaware of his
occupation, the manager knows he is an MP and calls the House of
Commons Doorkeeper. Officers of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic
Protection unit attend the hotel and take a statement from the victim
but after the hotel offers her 10 nights’ stay on the house she agrees
to discontinue her complaint.

June 2019

MacNeil’s SNP colleague Stuart McDonald has a private “joke” with
MacNeil, who have both been chasing the same 19-year-old female member
of staff in the Strangers’ Bar, praising him for “his relentless
pursuit of reform of the family reunion rules”. (Hansard.)

Sep 2019

MacNeil is spotted by John Benger, Clerk of the House of Commons (a
senior figure who advises Bercow), snorting a white powder from a
pocket mirror on one of the tables on the terrace overlooking the
Thames. When Benger stares at him, MacNeil becomes abusive. Benger
pages Speaker John Bercow who marches to the terrace from Speaker’s
House and, although he is known for his short temper, is reported by
several present to be more furious on this occasion than they have
ever witnessed him before. One Liberal Democrat MP says he expected
physical blows to be exchanged between the two men and was thankful
that no members of the press were present because the rule
prohibiting photography on the terrace unless permission is granted
would almost certainly have been broken. In the end the only physical
part of the confrontation is the hurling of a small container which
flies over the barrier into the River Thames. Bouncing first on a
table, it knocks over a Plaid Cymru member’s glass of orange juice
and Bercow is fulsomely apologetic to the member, who was wholly
uninvolved in the incident, before he screams at MacNeil “F***ing
claim for that and see what happens!”

Bercow rages at all and sundry, using streams of expletives, that
MacNeil will rue the day he ever got elected, and through his clerks
he contacts Ian Blackford and Margaret Beckett. Blackford is almost as
angry as Bercow but both Bercow and Beckett express surprise that the
act of molestation by MacNeil in April did not lead to the withdrawal
of the SNP whip. Blackford assures Bercow that the whip is now
withdrawn, effective immediately, and notifies MacNeil who is livid
and makes a number of references to his friendship with Alec Salmond.
Blackford calls Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh who is well aware of
MacNeil’s reputation and advises leaving him with the SNP whip while
promising that he will not be allowed to stand for the SNP in the next
general election and if necessary he will be formally deselected. As
things turn out, the election is called earlier than many expected and
there is insufficient time for the deselection process, in which
MacNeil has the right to be heard, to run its course. As a result he
goes forward as the SNP candidate.

Margaret Beckett observes that it is a mystery how MacNeil
successfully underwent the DV (Developed Vetting) that is required for
any person under consideration for nomination to the JCNSS even before
their name goes to the Committee of Selection under Bill Wiggin (the
only non-Whip CS member). DV is not a one-time process but is
continuing throughout the time a subject has access to classified
material. It is accepted at a meeting attended by Bercow, Beckett,
Wiggin and Patrick Grady (SNP Chief Whip) that MacNeil’s recklessness
with cocaine, his sexual interest in teenagers, and the Plaza incident
should have disqualified him from membership of all but the most
innocuous Commons or Joint Committees, and most certainly from
joining any committee that is concerned with national security.

Sep-Oct 2019

John Bercow further humiliates MacNeil in the House, as recorded
multiple times in Hansard.

26 Sep 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg says he thought it might be appropriate to create a
“rotten borough” for MacNeil “because he brings so much levity and
pleasure to the House through his interjections”. Bercow then adds
the words “often deliberately”, in reference to just what
a pain MacNeil has become. For Parliamentary old hands Rees-Mogg’s
words - “levity”, “pleasure”, and “interjections” - are loaded:
the first refers to MacNeil’s liking for being “high”; the second,
his frequent appearances in the Commons debating chamber “happy”,
meaning drunk; the third, to his reputation for drinking until he
is physically sick, as in the 2015 incident in the voting lobby.

27 Oct 2019

Bercow refers to MacNeil as “conducting a symphony orchestra”, a
reference to MacNeil’s “playing the violin” by painting himself as
a victim (a habit which began with his accusations against the press
and MI5 in relation to the teenagers in Shetland and continued with
his attempt to marshal support in Holyrood during his 2019 troubles).

16 Nov 2019

To the surprise of many, MacNeil is confirmed as the SNP candidate in
the Na h-Eileanan an Iar constituency in the general election to be
held on 12 December.

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