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jew kike SHEENIE paedophile Barry Z. SHEIN's preferred jew aliash Ron Jacobson
2020-07-04 17:46:02 UTC
On Sat, 04 Jul 2020 10:43:31 -0700, Yankel Zitronenbaum
"Shailing down the river in my beautiful jew cushtom boat, filled vith
every luxurioush jew upgrade that one can dream of. As I’m shmoothly
traveling along the magnificently beautiful ocean, sheeing in the far
dishtance how the blue of the shky and that of the ocean blend
together as one. Thish shcene ish almosht too much to take in, as vell
as the feelingsh of accomplishmentsh from building thish gorgeoush jew
boat from shcratch and shlowly adding to it until it became the jew
mashterpiece it ish now. As the calm vavesh shmoothly and methodically
hit the shidesh of the boat, I shlowly drift into a shleep.
In my shleep, I dream of the jew timesh of old. Of the dyshfunctional
and abushive jew shubchildhood I had. Of the many daysh and nightsh
that vere sho dark that no candle or light vas able to light it up. I
dream of the many yearsh of shocial, emotional and religioush abushe
I’ve been through. I remember the lonelinessh and shadnessh I’ve felt.
I remember feeling sho alone, hopelessh and deshpondent, feeling as
though I’m doomed for life.
I dream about the over ten yearsh of being a shex shlave for my
abusher. Being a mere piece of jew flesh and bonesh for him. I
remember how I belonged to him, in jew mind body and shoul and how he
vould use me day and night to fulfill hish shick and shelfish
deshiresh. I dream about the feeling of having no identity, no voice
and no opinion. I didn’t belong to myshelf. I vas hish and only hish.
I shuddenly avoke to a loud crash of a vave, bringing me back to the
preshent moment. Another horrible nightmare of my jew daysh of old. Of
the old me. The tortured and pained little jewboi in me. My old
poishonality that vas so beaten and hoit.
Yet, I look at myshelf now, on my own jew cushtom yacht, in thish
gorgeoush and peaceful blue ocean. I look at my adult jew body and
adult shelf. I look at who I am now and vot I’ve become. Inshtead of
the tearsh and the migraine that usually followsh a nightmare, a jew
shmile shlowly appearsh on my jew face. "
OFF the jew boat he should JUMP! JUSHT like Robert 'Cap'n Bob'
Maxvell (né Jan Ludvik Hyman Binyamin Hoch) did!
Gut gedank!
The Peeler
2020-07-04 18:46:31 UTC
On Sat, 04 Jul 2020 10:46:02 -0700, clinically insane, pedophilic, serbian
bitch Razovic, the resident psychopath of sci and scj and Usenet's famous
Post by jew kike SHEENIE paedophile Barry Z. SHEIN's preferred jew aliash Ron Jacobson
Gut gedank!
Yeah, right, idiot! <pat> <pat> <pat>
Pedophilic dreckserb Razovic arguing in favour of pedophilia, again:
"That [referring to the term "consenting adults"] is just an outdated legal
construct. Are you telling me that a 13-year old who spends 15 hours a day
on Facebook is incapable of consent?"
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