How to make an atheist pray
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Wise TibetanMonkey, Most Humble Philosopher
2019-08-10 04:59:17 UTC
How to make an atheist pray: Make him drive a smallish car on this hellish expressway, and he will be praying not to get hit. #DrivingInAmerica

Notice you become a sitting duck for every idiot in a bigger vehicle. NO LANE DISCIPLINE=CHAOS=LAW OF THE JUNGLE. Of course, don't pray to Jesus.



Wise TibetanMonkey, Most Humble Philosopher
2019-08-10 16:11:12 UTC

except that the clip "A41 Tern Hill Roundabout" it's the guy with the camera
in the wrong
going straight on from the right lane into a roundabout is a perfectly
acceptable manoeuvre (unless road markings say otherwise - I've checked they
do not)
Think about it. Traffic is both a cooperative and competitive effort. You may try your competition here and there, but don't push it. The Germans are the pro, the slow (to the right) and fast (to the left). That "no speed limit" in certain areas is regulated and seems to work for them. On the other hand, speeding with an SUV doesn't work. Your bazooka will kill people. The right mix makes a country prosper and be happy. The wrong mix makes your life miserable.