Italy was the first country to bend over for the National Socialist German Workers' Party
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Peter Pann
2019-11-08 10:40:25 UTC
From next year,
Nope, they did it almost immediately back in the late 1930's as
soon as the Germans rolled into town.

Exactly as the American Democrats are doing for the Socialist
assholes who infiltrated the universities of America.

Stand the socialists up against a wall and use them for target

They are mediocre defectives.

Put them out of their misery.
2019-11-08 12:19:19 UTC
The Italians were fast becoming weary of Mussolini who had promised a modern government but had delivered a dictatorship.

Mussolini joined the axis in self preservation. Although initially they did make significant contributions in the battle against the Soviet, the government was rapidly losing consensus with a population that did not want to fight western Europe and the US.

It ended up with Italy being policed by German troops who would round up all men of fighting age as conscripts in order to prevent them rising up and overthrowing the government.

They were marched to front at gunpoint as cannon fodder. They were not fed and had no ammunition.