1.5% of People Are Intersex, Meaning Hermaphrodites
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2020-10-18 22:22:31 UTC
1.5% of people are Intersex - Hermaphrodites. This means they may have all male
genitals and be effeminate, or all female genitals, and male characteristics. They
have male or female chromosomes that may differ from their external genitalias. At
1.5%, it is as common as red hair. Perhaps 50% of Intersex people have both
genitals. Intersex people are adamantly against child genital mutilation of of
hermaphrodites, as a person may be 70% female and have maleish genitals, be
"assigned" male, and have their female genitalia ruined, or be 70% male with
female-ish genitals, be "assigned" female, and have their male genitals ruined.

All gay people may be intersex. On the other hand, some people just like to dress
up like superman and wonderwoman and have sex. That said, I have identified 5
types of crossdressing, while there may be more, as I haven't investigated it
extensively, and am not an expert:

In no particular order then:
1. Drag Queens - Gay men with beards who wear exaggerated femininity.
2. Fetishists - some male heterosexual may find it erotic to wear woman's
underwear, or female the other way around. Maybe she just likes wearing her
boyfriends boxers.
3. Fashionists - like men who wear earnings and have long hair, some people get
more into the fashion of the opposite gender, perhaps especially when it is of a
certain culture or style like the lolita/"brolitta" fashion. Their interest is
neither sexual, nor gender oriented.
4. Cosplay. A male wants to dress up like Wonderwoman, or a female wants to dress
up like Superman. This is similar to "furries" people who dress up in large
animal fury costumes. 1/2 of them do so for sex, 1/2 of them do so and have
nothing to do with sex. Yes, adults sometimes wear costumes like little kids do.
https://tinyurl.com/furryconv2 https://tinyurl.com/furryconv
5. True transgender. These people feel they are the opposite gender on the inside
than the one they previously were considered, or previously were "assigned." These
people may be either very much sexual, and non-sexual, like any people may, as
transgender has nothing to do with sex, but with gender. Perhaps all of these
people are intersex, or perhaps as with gay men, there's perhaps sometimes other
factors. And perhaps some people like to dress up as Superman and have sex with a

It is possible to be more than only one of the above at the same time.

I don't care if you want to race mac trucks in a quinceanera dress, but I don't
want you calling up your dad on the phone crying because you don't know if you
should wear a furry costume or not. Joke.

Oh, and no I'm not any of the above. I bet you believe me. Well, I'm not. I'm
more like a sexologist. What strapping intelligent heterosexual man isn't.

Still, it seems 40% of the females are 40% bisexual. So maybe that's like
dressing up as Superman if you're female, or Wonderwoman if you're male. You'd
try anything if it wasn't dangerous, wouldn't you? But not a sexual thing like
sex with a goat, or the same gender huh? Interesting. That's your right.

Imposing your subjective values onto others is objectively wrong and immoral, as
is violating the will of another person or by extension animal (still I wouldn't
abuse a person who abused an animal, just perhaps find it a new home, but one who
was cruel must be addressed like other serious crimes).

We don't have to be defined by our gender or our sexual orientation.


Personally, my body's 100% male, yet my mind is transcendent. Which means I could
dress up as a girl if I wanted to, I just never have. Not that it's anybody's
business. How would anyone know men were gay if they didn't kiss and tell? Not
like they should have to hide it though.
2020-10-18 22:23:07 UTC
"The UN organizations decided that infant intervention should not be allowed, in
favor of waiting for the child to mature enough to be a part of the
decision-making – this allows for a decision to be made with total consent. In
April 2015, Malta became the first country to outlaw surgical intervention without
consent. In the same year, the Council of Europe became the first institution to
state that intersex people have the right not to undergo sex affirmation

We should include that in with the anti-male-circumcision bill.
2020-10-18 22:23:28 UTC
Intersex is as common as red hair

Someone may be 70% female, and assigned male at birth, or 70% male, and assigned
female at birth. If they are mutilated, this is wrong.

All homosexuals may be intersex.

While other people may just like to dress up as Superman and have sex with
consenting goats

5 types of crossdressers:
Drag Queens: gay men who wear exaggerated femininity with beards
Fetish: someone thinks it's erotic to wear girls underwear as a male
Transgender: opposite gender on the inside, may not necessarily be very sexual at all
Fashion: Such as Brolitta; "a brolitta proposes to his lolita," this is fashion,
not fetish; like men who wear earrings or have long hair; some men take it all the
way: if it were transgender it would say "a lolita proposes to her lolita."
Cosplay: you're male and want to dress up like Wonderwoman, or your female and
want to dress up like Superman.

There may be others, that's just all I've identified, in my limited studies.

No, I'm not gay nor transgender. My body is 100% male, but my mind is
transcendent. I don't believe we have to be defined by our gender. The naked
female vs. the naked male body is not much different. Tits vs. Pecs, and everyone
has a crotch. And no, I don't dress up like Superman and have sex with consenting