boris blows 32m on his 'garden bridge' but
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2017-09-12 07:53:53 UTC
Paris now has over 2 million FTTH 1 gigabit symmetric DSL (equal upload
and download speed) but London has NOTHING.

A big thank you goes out to *FSCKTARDS* at offconn for being the vehicle
for this.

We need names in front of TV instead fcktards going into hiding and get
out there explaining why Londoners (all 7 million of them, more than 10%
of UK population concentrated into one place) cannot have their FTTH 1
gigabit symmetric DSL connection with equal upload and download speeds
starting at £30 per month to £50 per month while 3% of the country already
has it from the likes of B4RN, Hyperoptic, Gigaclear, FibreCity etc., and
other countries and big cities like Paris that are competitors have fully
cabled up FTTH.
In Sweden you got 30 providers per city while there are zero providers in

So why can't these fsktards at offconn resign and let some other authority
be set up to that are pro-fibre and let Londoners have fibre to the home?

It pushes up the value of London by at leas 2 billion pounds.
And each and every city can add the same value now that we are
brexshitting and have to have this technology to be competitive.

All it requires is some trolls to be spanked and sacked in Offconn, and
replaced with pro-fibre interest commercial managers and bob is your uncle
- value of UK goes up by at least 50 billion when 25 cities and towns get
cabled up with fibre.

2017-09-12 07:55:43 UTC

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