CAD designer working on car with VR helmet on sky news
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2018-04-07 17:43:44 UTC
hand control .. spinning the car around to look @ angles

sticking bits on

"reduces time of design from two weeks to a day"
2018-04-07 17:53:09 UTC
makes you wonder why people commute
2018-04-07 19:05:55 UTC
Post by waste-of-time
makes you wonder why people commute
Well yes, I’ve often wondered why people have to travel hundreds of miles
for a conference or a course of one sort or another.

Video communication is good enough these days for people to listen to a
lecture, or contribute to a discussion from home.

Of course the dinosaurs will always insist that there is nothing to rival
face-to-face contact; but that is probably because they love to judge others
and assert their self appointed superiority at all times.

(Fortunately that arrogant trend on this ng has been reversed by the main
protagonists indulging in voluntary self censorship where I am concerned. (A
move for the better AFAIC).